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How to Use This Toolkit

The First 90 Days Toolkit guides you through the fundamentals of nonprofit board service, from what to expect before joining to how to increase your impact as a board member. Each section is accompanied by a worksheet in the First 90 Days Workbook to help you apply the information and learnings.

This toolkit is a valuable resource whether you are a new board member or just beginning to explore nonprofit board service.

For nonprofit professionals and seasoned board directors, this may be a valuable refresher or a resource to share as your nonprofit onboards new leadership.

Gayle Haller, ‘87, speaking at On Board 2015 Placeholder

Get Started

Explore the role of boards in nonprofit organizations and how they help nonprofits achieve their social missions.

Get Started
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Make an Impact

Effective nonprofit board members combine their passion for the organization’s work with their ability to mobilize others to achieve shared goals.

Make an Impact
Susan Kelly

“As an alumna who has served on boards for many years, I absolutely see the need for easily accessible, high-quality information on nonprofit board service. Although there aren’t 'one size fits all' answers, there are common questions that most board members inevitably will face, including fundraising, board structure, CEO succession, governance, and so on. The Nonprofit Board Toolkit seeks to offer answers to those questions with insights from research and from board members who have been there."

— Susan Corridoni, ’96

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