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The Impact and Importance of Board Service

Serving on a nonprofit board gives you the chance to connect with your community and make an impact in ways that may not be possible through other volunteer service.

Effective board service may involve a significant commitment of time and other resources. But the work required is often outweighed by the potential benefits you’ll experience in the personal, professional, and community aspects of your life.

Introduction to Nonprofit Boards and Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

Caroline Grossman, adjunct assistant professor of strategy and executive director of the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, outlines the key differences between for-profits and nonprofits as well as the structural roles their boards play in this video from 2018.

Nonprofit Organizations and the Role of the Board

IRS Classifications and Legal Definitions

Board Types and Structures

This information will help you become acquainted with others who serve, support, and rely on your nonprofit. Learning who’s who among officers and committee members, staff, founders, and other key stakeholders and constituents will help ground your understanding of how the organization operates and how it sets priorities.

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Make an Impact

Effective nonprofit board members combine their passion for the organization’s work with their ability to mobilize others to achieve shared goals.

Make an Impact

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