In this workshop, advanced topics in finance are discussed in detail and finance research topics are presented. Faculty from other universities are invited to speak at the seminar.

In accordance with university guidance, and out of concern for our community and guest speakers, the workshop will be held in dual-modality with both in-person and virtual options.

For information concerning the Finance Workshop, please contact email Jennifer Williams or call her at 773.702.5530. When possible, links to the workshop papers are posted to this page for printing. Occasionally, speakers opt not to circulate their papers. Therefore, the link will be unavailable.  

Winter 2022

Date Time Room Topic Speaker Institution
Wed, Jan 26 11:45 am–
1:15 pm
online only Algorithmic Transparency
Jian Sun MIT
Wed, Feb 2 11:45 am–
1:15 pm
C02 The unequal economic consequences of carbon pricing
Diego Känzig
London Business School
Wed, Feb 9 11:45 am–
1:15 pm
C02 The Equilibrium Effects of Subsidized Student Loans
Cauê Dobbin
Thu, Feb 10 11:45 am–
1:15 pm
C02 Raising Bond Capital in Segmented Markets
Kerry Siani Columbia
Wed, Feb 16 11:45 am–
1:15 pm
C02 The Crowding Out Effect of Local Government Debt: Micro- and Macro-Estimates
Noémie Pinardon-Touati
HEC Paris

Fall 2021

Date Time Room Topic Speaker Institution
Wed, Sep 22 11:45 am–
1:15 pm  
C01 Financing Infrastructure with Inattentive Investors: The Case of US Municipal Governments Ehsan Azarmsa Joint PhD Student
Wed, Sep 29 11:45 am–
1:15 pm
C02 Debt and Water: Effects of Bondholder Protections on Public Goods Kelly Posenau  Finance PhD Student
Thur, Sep 30 11:45 am–
1:15 pm
C04 Credit Constraints and the Hedonic Valuation of Local Public Amenities
John Heilbron Finance PhD Student
Wed, Oct 6 11:45 am–
1:15 pm
C02 Institutional Investors Glut: Implications for Financial Conditions & Monetary Policy Transmission Ahmed Ahmed Econ PhD Student
Thur, Oct 7 11:45 am–
1:15 pm
C04 The Economics of Content Moderation: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Hate Speech on Twitter Rafael Jimenez Joint PhD Student
Wed, Oct 13 Noon–1:00 pm C02 Dissecting Green Returns
Lubos Pastor Chicago Booth
Wed, Oct 20 Noon–1:00 pm C02 Concentration in Product Markets
Anthony Zhang Chicago Booth
Wed, Oct 27 Noon–1:00 pm C02 Swing Pricing
Anil Kashyap Chicago Booth
Wed, Nov 3 Noon–1:00 pm C02 100 Years of Rising Corporate Concentration
Yueran Ma Chicago Booth
Wed, Nov 10 Noon–1:00 pm C02 NO SEMINAR    
Wed, Nov 17 Noon–1:00 pm C02 Ultrarich Portfolios and Missing Entrepreneurs Eric Zwick Chicago Booth
Wed, Nov 24     NO SEMINAR    
Wed, Dec 1 Noon–1:00 pm
C02 The Political Polarization of U.S. Firms Elisabeth Kempf Chicago Booth
Wed, Dec 8 Noon–1:00 pm C02 The Risk and Return of Impact Investing Funds Jessica Jeffers Chicago Booth
Wed, Dec 15 Noon–1:00 pm C02 Dynamics of Subjective Risk Premia Stefan Nagel Chicago Booth