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Debate and discussion are the principal modes of learning here.

In our vibrant classroom environment, you’ll be called upon to voice your opinion and defend your point of view, while learning from the diverse viewpoints of classmates too. You’ll gain a deep understanding of key business concepts and develop the ability to determine which ideas stand up to the rigor of intellectual inquiry.

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“Every Booth student is curious. And it’s the depth, rigor, and intensity of their analytical capacity that can change hearts and minds. I strive to get students to the intersection of curiosity and kindness, so that they can use their passion, energy, and optimism to change the world.”
—Linda E. Ginzel, Clinical Professor of Managerial Psychology

Our Diverse Teaching Methods

Just as each business challenge is unique, business concepts take many different forms. That’s why we take a multifaceted approach to teaching. From hands-on lab courses to case studies to lectures to group projects, you’ll learn in a wide variety of ways—and you’ll develop the skills and agile thinking you need to thrive in today’s complex global business world.

  • Collaborate with Classmates

    In an increasingly complex business world, you need strong teamwork skills to get ahead. That’s why Booth puts a unique focus on group projects. Working with classmates from diverse industries and functions, you’ll benefit from each other’s expertise, share insights, and learn from a variety of perspectives. You’ll also build a strong network of people who will support you and challenge you to reach the next level.

  • Learn from Cases

    Chicago Booth takes a unique approach to the use of cases in the classroom. Instead of using cases to teach about past challenges, Booth faculty use cases to illustrate fundamental frameworks and theories that are applied to today's real-world problems. Every case you study at Booth is grounded in those fundamentals, and you’ll be called on to leverage those principles to defend your views. It’s a proven approach that reinforces your understanding of key concepts—so you can apply them throughout your career.

  • Experience Hands-On Learning

    Tackle real-world business challenges in lab courses that span industries and functions. Available to students in the Full-Time and Part-Time MBA Programs, lab courses give you the chance to work directly with client organizations or develop your own business plan. New lab courses are introduced every year, and not all courses are available during evening or weekend hours.

Here’s a sampling of lab courses.
For more options, search courses by program or quarter.

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“Booth’s approach to teaching, at least from a faculty member’s perspective, is quite a bit different from other business schools, because we have total freedom. Freedom to teach the classes that we think are important to teach.”
—Nicholas Epley, John Templeton Keller Professor of Behavioral Science and Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow

Visit Booth

Whichever MBA program you’re interested in, we invite you to visit us and sit in on a class. It’s the best way to see what The Chicago Approach is all about and experience our dynamic, collaborative culture firsthand.