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Request to Add or Swap

During the first week of the quarter, use the Add or Swap form to add a course, swap one course for another, or request a new course if your first request wasn’t successful. The form allows you to add or swap one course at a time, but you can make multiple requests. 

  • The Add/Swap form opens Thursday, June 6 at 3pm CST.
  • Add/swap requests are processed once a day, typically starting around noon. 
  • Results are typically emailed by end of business day.
  • The deadline to request an add or section swap is Monday, Week 2. No exceptions will be made, even with instructor permission.

Requesting Pass/Fail Grading

To find out whether a faculty member allows their course to be taken Pass/Fail, first check the course description to see if the instructor has specified “No Pass/Fail.” If allowed, then to request Pass/Fail grading, submit the online form by Friday, Week 4.

Dropping MBA-Level Courses

Non-Booth students may drop a course through Sunday of Week 3. To drop an MBA-level course, submit an online request.*

* This process is only for non-Booth students enrolled in Booth courses. Booth MBA students must follow course drop dates and policies listed on the Booth Intranet.
  • DO NOT drop an MBA-level Booth course through My.UChicago; it will result in an incomplete drop.
  • Tuition penalties for drops may vary depending on your home program.
  • *Applicable Spring 2024 and prior* The $25 Booth Book Fee is non-refundable for courses dropped after Friday, Week 2.
  • Drop College-level Business Economics courses using

Withdrawing from MBA-Level Courses

To withdraw from an MBA-level course, email the Booth Registrar’s Office to request a withdrawal. The last day to request withdrawal from any Booth course is Friday, Week 9. 

  • Beginning Monday, Week 8, you must also obtain an email from your instructor approving the withdrawal. Forward this email to the Booth Registrar’s Office.
  • Petitions for a withdrawal to be considered a late drop are conducted through your department/division. If approved, the Booth Registrar's Office must be notified.
  • Nonattendance does not constitute dropping or withdrawing. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a failing grade.

Auditing a Course

There are two types of audit: Official and Unofficial. An Unofficial audit is an informal arrangement between you and the faculty member. There is no record of your participation in the course. 

An Official audit requires formal enrollment in the course. You must check the Booth course description to see if the faculty member allows auditors. If yes, you’ll need to email the instructor’s written consent for an official audit to the Booth Registrar's Office by Friday, Week 2. Note the following:

  • You will be charged tuition for the course.
  • The course will be listed on your transcript for zero credit units and a grade of "R."
  • Officially audited courses do not count toward degree requirements or concentrations.
  • After Friday of week 2 an official audit cannot later be changed to a letter grade.

Incomplete Grades

The mark “I” (Incomplete) is intended for a student who has not completed the requirements of a course before the end of the quarter but who can be reasonably expected to make up the missing work/exam within one calendar year. The process of requesting an Incomplete begins by reaching out to your professor. Email the Incomplete form to the Booth Registrar's Office by Friday, Week 9.

College students must first contact their advisor in order to request an Incomplete. The College form, deadline, and policies may differ from Booth.