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Terms of the Award

All full-tuition Neubauer Civic Scholar awards are structured as a forgivable loan from Chicago Booth. You will sign a promissory note for the loan, obligating you to continue working in either the public or social sector, at a 501(c) designated nonprofit organization or for the government, for three out of six years after completing the program. Your loan will be forgiven if you remain in either of those sectors (or move between or within these sectors). However, if you do not remain employed for at least three of the six years following the completion of the program in the nonprofit or government sectors, you will be required to repay the loan.

Loan Forgiveness Schedule

For each year that the grantee satisfies these conditions, one-third of the total grant amount will no longer be subject to the repayment condition.

Financial Aid

Every student is eligible for some form of financial aid. However, the options vary depending on whether you’re a US citizen, a US permanent resident, or an international student. Each program also has its own loan programs. For more information on financing your MBA, see Full-Time MBA Cost or Part-Time MBA Cost.