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Entrepreneurship Faculty

For our MBA students, entrepreneurship classes have become some of the most popular among our deep selection of course offerings. This is due in large part to our industry-leading faculty, who bring their entrepreneurial experiences and expertise to the Booth classroom to teach future leaders how to launch a successful business.

One-of-a-kind classes such as professor Scott Meadow’s Commercializing Innovation: Tools to Research and Analyze Private Enterprises incorporate Meadow’s experience as an investor and advisor into real-world case studies. Other classes such as Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Developing a New Venture (New Venture Challenge) bring in venture capitalists, private investors, and entrepreneurs to help critique and improve students’ business ideas.

Discover more about our entrepreneurship faculty, including the classes they teach, below.

Featured Research in Chicago Booth Review

Discover some of the latest research from our entrepreneurship professors.

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Research with Impact

“If you’re a saint, you’re probably not going to become CEO. You have to make tough decisions that are going to ruffle some feathers.”

Research from Booth’s Steve Kaplan reveals the four most important traits of America’s CEOs and who succeeds.

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Research with Impact

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Entrepreneurship Faculty in the News

How Citizens and Companies Can Support Antiracism in Chicago
July 02, 2020 | Inside Hook
One way companies can combat systemic racism is to employ blind hiring practices, suggests Booth’s Christina Hachikian. She says that blind hiring helps with intersectionality and promotes an actually diverse workplace.

The Pandemic Prompted a Record Decline in GDP. A Large Part of Private Equity Portfolios Had No Symptoms
October 07, 2020 | Institutional Investor
A large portion of private equity portfolios seemed asymptomatic following the sharp economic downturn from COVID-19, according to research by Booth’s Steven Kaplan, Harvard’s Paul Gompers, and Georgetown’s Vladimir Mukharlyamov.

Some US Cities Lure Remote Workers with Money, Promise of Friendly Communities
October 14, 2020 | Voice of America
The arrival of COVID-19 has forced businesses—and cities—to adapt. That’s what communities have always done, says Booth’s James Schrager.

Partnering across the University of Chicago and Beyond

The faculty in our entrepreneurship academic area are instrumental in helping lead some of the University of Chicago’s most impactful initiatives.

Booth’s Steve Kaplan helps lead the university’s Polsky Center, which provides entrepreneurs and innovators with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to turn their ideas into successful companies, products, and services.

As academic director of university-wide entrepreneurship content, Booth’s Waverly Deutsch works to ensure that classes and extracurricular content about entrepreneurship meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff across the university.

Research Spotlight

Discover some of the latest working papers and published papers from our entrepreneurship faculty.

“Are CEOs Different?”
Steve Kaplan, with coauthor Morten Sorensen (Dartmouth)

Research Centers in This Area

Research centers across Booth and the University of Chicago are hubs for innovation and world-changing research. The centers provide our faculty with research support, and our faculty members lend their expertise to the centers, enriching the student experience and the broader academic community at Booth.