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This joint-degree program enables students to pursue both a master’s degree in the Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy, and Practice and a master of business administration at Chicago Booth in three years.

Graduates of the joint program become leaders across diverse fields of business, clinical social work, policy, and social administration practice, while their broader educational and experiential foundations translate into greater flexibility and impact throughout their future careers.

Program Structure

Students complete 1400 units of Booth-only course credit (+LEAD). In their first quarter of enrollment in the Crown Family School program, students select one of the following concentrations: social administration (four required courses and two electives) or clinical practice (five required courses and one elective; only those students approved in their second quarter of enrollment may continue in the clinical practice concentration).

Autumn Winter Spring Summer
Year 1 Crown School
Field Placement
Crown School
Field Placement
Crown School
Field Placement
Crown School Social Administrative or Clinical Field Placement
Year 2 Booth Booth Booth Booth Business-related internship
Year 3 Crown School Crown School Booth Graduate—full-time position


The school determines the tuition charges. Students are in Chicago Booth residence for at least four quarters. Chicago Booth charges four quarterly tuition installments as the full tuition obligation, regardless of how many courses are taken. Find information regarding the Crown Family School’s tuition policy here.

Booth Courses

Courses for Crown Family School

For detailed information regarding the Crown Family School’s curriculum, please visit the school’s website or contact Crown Family School Admissions.

Admissions Process

Interested applicants may apply to both programs concurrently or during their first year of residency in either program. Admissions decisions are made independently of one another. Inquiries regarding the admissions process for the MA in the Crown Family School program should be directed to Crown Family School Admissions.

Apply to Booth Apply to Crown School

First-year Booth students considering a joint-degree should take careful note of the number of elective units allowed for joint-degree students, as to not exceed the limit (400 units) in the first year of their MBA. There are important tuition implications for exceeding your elective limit. Please consult with your Academic advisor.