School News

Media Seek Out
Booth's Perspective

Dean Sunil Kumar leads a series of appearances by Chicago Booth faculty
members, who visit the sets of Bloomberg and CNBC to address topics ranging
from the value of an MBA degree to the impact of Beijing's graft crackdown.

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SEI-sponsored event in New Delhi fosters dialogue on India's quest for a cleaner water supply.

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Alumni Stories

Impact Through
Nonprofit Boards

Connections ignite at Booth's On Board conference for
alumni, students, and nonprofits.

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Insight Through Inquiry: Capital Ideas

Why Are We
Always in

In the Big Question, professors Harry L. Davis and Reid Hastie
discuss how to prevent rambling, unfocused group work.

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Insight Through Inquiry

The Sound
of Intellect

Employers think job-seekers are smarter and more employable when
the interviewer hears the interviewee’s voice, according to research
by professor Nicholas Epley and cited in New York Magazine.

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