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Our Executive MBA Program is designed for experienced professionals driven to hone analytical skills, delve deep into business foundations, and lead with confidence.

In your MBA courses at Chicago Booth, you will study with world-class faculty and accomplished peers who will challenge, inspire, and support you.

The EMBA curriculum follows a logical progression of courses that will help you generate new business insights and create game-changing impact in the workplace. Over 21 months, you’ll build a strong foundation in the fundamental tools of business, apply those tools to timely, real-world business challenges, develop your leadership skills, and integrate key concepts you’ve learned in an experiential capstone course. You’ll graduate with an enduring understanding of the critical functions of running a business. From finance to marketing to operations and strategy, you will strengthen your ability to lead boldly.

Executive MBA Curriculum Overview

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Build the Foundation

Your MBA courses are rooted in a strong foundation of the fundamental business skills and frameworks that you’ll rely on throughout your career.

Build the Foundation

Create an analytical toolkit for success.

Your first courses as an Executive MBA student are focused on mastering the fundamentals and building a strong analytical tool kit for success. These courses provide you with the tools you’ll need to unlock insights in the courses that come later in the program, such as competitive strategy, corporate finance, and marketing.

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Apply the Fundamentals and Learn to Lead

The rigorous grounding in business fundamentals is complemented by EMBA classes in which you’ll apply the concepts you’ve learned.

Apply the Fundamentals and Learn to Lead

As you gain a thorough grounding in business fundamentals, you will also take courses focused on applying those principles. These courses provide the tools you need to become a better leader—to influence people, ask the right questions, and make better decisions.

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Choose Your Electives

In the second half of the program, you’ll pursue your specific business interests by choosing four elective courses and one capstone course.

Choose Your Electives

Nurture and develop your specific business interests. We offer a wide variety of challenging, exciting elective courses for you to choose from.

In the second half of the program, you’ll reunite with classmates from Chicago, London, and Hong Kong for two weeks of elective courses in Chicago. Tailor your program to suit your own interests by exploring cutting-edge topics that are new to you, or delving deep into an existing area of interest.

Follow Focused Areas of Study
If you want to focus on a particular area or subject, it is possible to follow a focused area of study by choosing electives in that area. Focused areas of study are offered in capital markets, corporate finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy, or leadership and management.

Elective Courses

Elective offerings vary from year to year, but usually include cutting-edge or advanced topics. Here are just a few of our recent offerings:

Advanced Negotiations Building the New Venture Commercializing Innovation
Corporate Valuation Data Mining Designing a Good Life
Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity Entrepreneurial Selling Financial Derivatives for Financial Risk Management
Governance Investments
Marketing Strategy Simulation
Money, Banking and the Financial Crisis New Product Development New Venture Strategy
Platform Competition Portfolio Management Pricing Strategies
Power and Influence in Organizations Service Design and Delivery Social Networks and Strategic Leadership
Strategic Investment Decisions Technology Strategy  
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Transform Your Learning into Leadership

Finally, you’ll bring together key concepts you’ve learned in a team-based, experiential capstone course.

Transform Your Learning into Leadership

Bring it all together with an experience-based capstone course.

In your final quarter, you’ll integrate the key concepts and tools that you've gained throughout the program in one of two team-based capstone experiences. Whichever course you choose, you’ll draw on your MBA experience to start and run successful businesses.

Capstone Experience Courses

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Application Deadlines
First Deadline: October 30, 2023
Second Deadline: January 15, 2024
Third Deadline: April 8, 2024
Final Deadline: June 10, 2024

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