Whether for lifelong learning or developing multidisciplinary frameworks to navigate business challenges, our world-renowned faculty and rigorous programs yield transformative high-impact experiences for leaders and their organizations—globally, across all industries. We teach you how to think—not what to think.

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Recent global disruptors forced executives to run their organizations in ways they could never have imagined. Executives were tested by a full stop of business as usual and challenged to transform their company at lightning speed. Now, in the aftermath, executives are reflecting on what worked, what did not, and how to keep the momentum going. We've listened to executives and continue to seek solutions that push organizations forward—tapping into executives' newly found confidence in what they have achieved. Steeped in a framework that shows you how to learn, analyze, and interact in new and exciting ways, our unparalleled Executive Education programs give leaders like you the confidence to meet today's complex business challenges through an exhilarating climate of constructive discourse.

Oct 7-Nov 8
The Advanced Strategy Program—Live-Online

A new live-online education series that provides powerful growth strategies to increase market share in highly competitive markets.

Oct 10-19
Negotiate with Influence—Live-Online

Learn how to negotiate to achieve more value while maximizing the benefits for your organization and yourself.

OCT 18-27
Resilient Leadership for High-Performing Organizations—Live-Online

Develop the courage to tackle tough times and learn how to foster an agile, high-performance environment.

OCT 24-27
Digital Innovation Strategy and Management—Live-Online

Learn the tools to frame opportunities and challenges, gain actionable frameworks for defining and driving digital strategy, and envision next-generation innovation strategies for sustainable growth.

Oct 25-Dec 12
Mindful Leadership—Online

Increase your emotional intelligence to maximize your leadership potential. You'll develop the ability to shift to effortless flow and drive greater productivity and high-impact performance.

Nov 7-18
Wealth Planning Essentials—Live-Online

While markets have rebounded from their crash in spring 2020, the state of the global economy remains fragile. Gain wealth planning essentials to navigate these uncertain times.

The Advanced Strategy Program— Live Online

This Live-Online Education Series, delivered in 2-hour high-impact virtual sessions over seven weeks for an optimal learning experience, helps executives unpack the growth process in highly competitive environments, deal with the unknown, and learn how to think like a strategist. You'll learn from Booth Professor Jim Schrager, a three-time winner of the Emory Williams Award for Excellence in Teaching, how to prepare your organization for what lies ahead. October 7-November 18

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Custom Programs for Your Organization

As your partner in providing customized executive development programs, we help your leaders gain the skills to steer your organization ahead. We offer programs in formats such as live-online, in-person, and hybrid learning to engage executives around the globe.

Programs for Global Leaders

We offer programs to bolster the skills of leaders around the globe. Our global programs include a general management program for executives in Egypt, a Spanish-language Private Wealth Management program in Spain, and more.

Chicago Booth Hong Kong Campus
Programs in Hong Kong

When you attend our executive education programs in Hong Kong, you'll have access to world-renowned Chicago Booth faculty, industry leaders, and a global network of top professionals.

Insights for a New Era

A report by Deloitte Access Economics found in 2017 found that jobs that require strong soft skills will make up 63% of jobs by 2030. Enter the pandemic. Not only has the urgency intensified, but a new genre of critical leadership skills is also now required. 

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Creating Next Generation Leaders