Customized Online solutions

Bespoke online and distance learning for your organization

Customized Online, Distance Learning Solutions for Organizations

As organizations face new types of uncertainties and challenges, the right learning solutions become increasingly important. Chicago Booth creates customized online programs to help your organization swiftly and confidently steer ahead in uncertain times.

Our programs, delivered in innovative formats, have bolstered the leadership, strategy, finance, and decision-making skills of executives across the globe—and helped drive growth and innovation for top private and public sector organizations. Participants emerge as better thinkers—able to not just apply concepts to the issues at hand, but also to approach and solve the unknown challenges ahead.

Bespoke Learning Solutions

As with all our custom solutions, we work with you every step of the way when designing distance-learning programs. Through our interactive process, we collaborate closely with you to deliver a truly personalized solution that meets your unique learning objectives.

Our online programs have the flexibility to be held in various formats, whether delivered 100 percent online or delivered in a hybrid format that combines online, distance-learning components with in-person classes and experiences. Regardless of format, our online programs optimize faculty and peer interaction and create maximum impact for your organization.

To learn more about creating a tailored online learning solution for your organization, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss your firm's objectives and talk through different options for programming.

Our Online, Distance Learning Offerings

As your partner, we explore your unique organizational goals and work together to determine the best possible format for your leaders. Clients often combine one or more of the below formats into their custom program.

Live-Online Programs (Synchronous)

Our live-online programming is delivered in a synchronous format where participants learn from faculty and peers in an interactive, high-impact virtual environment. Participants receive Booth's rigorous content in short, digestible sessions held over days or weeks. Live online programming is often blended with offline activities, projects, and readings to deepen understanding of the materials.

Online Programs (Asynchronous)

Our asynchronous (recorded) online sessions are designed to scale and reach hundreds of executives. This format provides flexibly-timed learning for executives across time zones. Participants often divide Booth’s intense content over multiple weeks, and our programming provides for multiple knowledge checks throughout. The benefit of this format is it allows busy global executives to learn Booth's rigorous content in a convenient schedule, and allows organizations to scale learning throughout an organization.

Hybrid Programs (In-Person and Online)

Our hybrid programs blend in-person with online, or live-online, programming for a one-of-the-kind experience. This format allows busy global executives to gather insights and absorb content in a convenient online format, and then come together with their colleagues to learn from renowned Booth faculty in a face-to-face classroom.

Additional online, distance learning formats

Additional formats and program components may include:

Group projects, simulations, case studies, and message boards. These interactive projects facilitate teamwork, networking, and problem-solving in either a synchronous or asynchronous format.

Self-paced assignments. Quizzes and other assignments help ensure participants’ understanding and application of the content.

Private cohorts or group enrollment to our open-enrollment programs. Tailor a program from our online open-enrollment programs catalog to fit your organization’s objectives.

Pre-Recorded Lectures. Select sessions from our video catalog of in-demand executive education topics.

Private Sessions with Faculty. In a highly-customized program, “office hours” and other private sessions may be available to allow participants additional time to receive valuable feedback from faculty.

Executive Coaching. We leverage our global network of elite coaches to provide personalized training and create lasting behavior change.

Speakers and guest lectures.

Translation. Pre-recorded and simultaneous translation of our online sessions is available in Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, and more.

Additional Offerings

For additional information about other options such as in-person programs, we invite you to explore our full suite of Programs for Organizations.