a custom approach

A custom-tailored approach
for your organization's
unique learning objectives

Raising the Bar on High-Impact Education for your Organization

Now more than ever, organizations around the globe are facing uncertainty as they navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. As your partner in providing world-class education, we help organizations and their teams gain the skills needed to steer ahead in turbulent times—such as we are facing now.

Raising the Bar

At Chicago Booth, we not only offer custom-tailored learning solutions based on your organization's unique specific objectives, but we also work with you in exploring new, innovative virtual solutions to deliver education when in-person teaching is not an option. Please  request a consultation and explore how we can partner in providing you a custom solution.

About Us

At the forefront of designing and delivering highly customized programs, we've bolstered senior management’s leadership, strategy, and decision-making skills—and helped to drive growth and innovation for companies globally.

We've helped organizations ranging from top consumer packaged goods companies to global financial services. Working with both public and private sector clients, we've created general management programs for executives spanning the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Organizations have relied on Chicago Booth's expertise to:

  • Gain competitive advantages
  • Catalyze change
  • Develop and execute the right strategy
  • Innovatively run operations
  • Close skill and knowledge gaps
  • Create a committed and agile workforce
  • Collaborate effectively across international organizations and cultures
  • ...and more

"The faculty worked to truly understand our firm, first while designing the program and then in the classroom. Chicago Booth's combination of world-class expertise and tailored attention has engaged our executives and exceeded our expectations."

– Aaron Olson, Chief Talent Officers, Aon PLC

We teach not what to think but how  to think through complex business issues—empowering executives to solve your most intractable business challenges.


With our rigorous approach, we teach your executives concepts and frameworks for continually generating the best solutions and applying them effectively in your organization. Participants will emerge as better thinkers—able to not just apply concepts to the issues at hand, but also to approach and solve the unknown challenges ahead. Your executives learn the value of constructive questioning and a willingness to alter beliefs in light of new data, to recognize the importance of multiple viewpoints, to take calculated risks, and to ultimately deliver powerful performance.

Our custom programs are led by one or more Booth faculty leads who are uniquely qualified to address your business challenges. Booth's renowned faculty have not only shaped modern understanding of business, markets, and organizations, but consult with firms and governments, serve on corporate boards, and even start their own companies. Their distinctive mix of theory and application creates a lasting impact on custom program participants.

Through our interactive process, we work with you every step of the way. Chicago Booth ensures that the members of the faculty and administrative team who start a partnership remain the same from development through delivery and post-program follow-up. We work closely with clients to ensure we have the right people in place who can build a value-enhancing relationship—and ultimately deliver high-impact, results-driven learning. 

Our four-step process ensures that programs are precisely tailored to your needs.


Listen Design Transform Sustain chart

Step 1: Listen

Each partnership begins with a series of conversations designed to help us understand your needs and objectives. 

Step 2: Design

Armed with rich insights into your organization, our faculty collaborate to create dynamic learning content specifically for you. 

Step 3: Transform

Our expert faculty deliver classroom material through engaging, interactive learning experiences. 

Step 4: Sustain

Finally, we continually assess your program to ensure maximum learning and impact.  
Our custom programs are delivered to best fit your organization's structure, locations, and culture.

Program Locations

Often, companies take advantage of Booth'sthree global campus locations: Chicago (downtown and Hyde Park locations), London, and Hong Kong. Each campus offers a state-of-the-art classroom experience, as well as ample opportunities for experiential learning. We can also bring a custom program to a convenient global location of your choice.


Program Formats

Custom programs can be delivered through traditional classroom learning, online learning, and more. 

Formats include:
  • In-person classroom learning
  • Online live instruction
  • Online asynchronous and on-demand content
  • Executive coaching
  • Company tours and visits
  • Individual projects
  • Group projects and discussions
  • Simulations
  • Case Studies
  • Conferences
  • Expert speakers
  • Live, simultaneous translation (Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, and more)

"A 10 out of 10" 

- Hugh F. Johnston, ’87, PepsiCo Inc.’s executive vice president and chief financial officer.


Together, PepsiCo and Chicago Booth created a leadership program to develop PepsiCo's top talent. In this video, PepsiCo Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Hugh Johnston tells us about the company's experience with the program. 

The Client

PepsiCo, a leading global food and beverage company with world-renowned household brands.

The Challenge 

PepsiCo sought to bolster the leadership skills of its senior talent. As a Chicago Booth graduate himself, Hugh Johnston understood the value of the Booth curriculum and the Booth faculty: “I wanted to make sure that we gave our top talent leadership development, because leadership is something that you can learn."

The Solution 

Using The Chicago Approach™, the Chicago Booth Executive Education team set forth to develop a customized leadership program that met the unique needs of PepsiCo. The program architecture had three main components with specific learning objectives:

  • Build critical leadership skills
  • Sharpen functional expertise
  • Apply through action learning

The program included teaching responsiveness in a swift-changing business world through inquiry and pragmatic insights. Actionable tools included discovering one’s personal leadership style, multi-dimensional problem solving, and motivational methods. The course was taught through lectures, discussions, and small-group interactions allowing relationship building among peers as well.

The Outcome and Impact 

The lasting impact was powerful. “Our participants were just overwhelmingly positive about the program, and frankly, I’ve seen a difference in their performance as they’ve come back,” Johnston said.