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Today's organizations face new challenges such as leading more diverse and inclusive environments, improving supply chains, and pivoting growth strategies. At Booth, we offer deep expertise in topics for this new era. We develop leaders who can solve the problems that matter to companies like yours, now.

Customized programs are available in nearly any aspect of business.

We've helped companies:

  • Develop executives who can grow at the speed of your organization. We close capability gaps between the executive committee and middle- to senior-level leaders, and prepare high-potential leaders to fill more senior roles.
  • Help your organization—and those you servemake better decisions. We guide your leaders to explore cognitive biases and assumptions that can be barriers to effective decision-making. Executives discover new ways to drive enterprise value, improve product and service design, and help stakeholders make better choices.
  • Drive innovation amid uncertainty. We help your executives become catalysts for transformational change and growth, even in conditions of extreme uncertainty. We uncover talents that can look to the future, challenge outdated assumptions, and engage and persuade others.
  • Create a more connected and inclusive global workforce. We develop synergies across global organizations, improving cohesiveness and agility. We break down siloed thinking, provide an opportunity for executives to network across teams for organizational cohesion, and help leaders gain cross-functional knowledge.

Popular program topics & sessions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Leading Organizational Change

Today’s senior leaders must guide the successful implementation of new, more effective strategies while promoting the drive, morale, commitment, agility, initiative, and vision of their people. Learn how to create the future of your organization.

Negotiation and Decision-Making

Drawing on the latest research in the psychology of judgment, you'll improve your negotiation skills, your influence, and your decision-making process. You'll also acquire techniques based on the latest advancements in the field of negotiation and decision strategy that will enhance your influence with internal and external stakeholders.

Diversity in Organizations (DE&I)

Many organizations that are interested in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion don’t know how to achieve their goals. Explore how insights from behavioral science can help you promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout your workplace while boosting your organization’s health. You’ll learn to avoid common pitfalls and develop strategies for widening your impact. 

Behavioral Science and Economics

What can we do to strengthen our professional relationships and create a prosocial culture at work? Insights from behavioral science research can help your and your teams build meaningful relationships in a digital world.


Leadership Capital

How can you build frameworks to ensure that you learn from experience? What are the differences between leading, managing, and following? Examine your assumptions about leaders and deepen your understanding of the complementary roles of leadership and management.


Moral Leadership

Examine how changes in technology and economic development have shaped and reshaped the link between personal reputation and professional success. Develop your own regimen for moral leadership, based on your experience and professional goals.


Persuasion, Communication, and Personal Branding

How well do you articulate your unique value? Workshop your “superpower,” build your communication skills, and learn to clearly articulate your strengths, values, and vision as a leader, manager, and colleague.


Strategic Communications Management
Learn the elements of effective corporate communications. Topics include crafting and delivering the corporate message, managing your investor base, effectively managing quarterly earnings releases, corporate conference calls and earnings guidance. We also cover payout policy and signaling: dividends and repurchases, and determinants of credit ratings: implications for capital structure.


Physician Leadership | Healthcare Leadership
Booth’s Physician Leadership curriculum provides the tools to help physicians lead multidisciplinary teams, elevate evidence-based decision-making and leadership skills, and accelerate sustainable, profitable growth for their healthcare organizations. The curriculum is structured in a convenient format with highly actionable outcomes, customized to your organization. Learn more here.

Designed for financial and non-financial executives alike.

Fintech, Emerging Payments, and Regulation Policy
Move to the forefront of emerging payment technology in the United States, China, and beyond. Learn about industry players, existing regulatory frameworks, and future challenges.


Mergers and Acquisitions
Engaging in M&A activity is not a low-risk endeavor, so it is imperative that executives know how to navigate this landscape. Gain the analytical framework and tools to successfully execute mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring for your organization's growth.

Activities of the Firm and Valuation: Helping professional services firms understand their clients and drive value

Develop a clear understanding of how your accounts make money and how you can help your clients find and create more value. Plan your accounts for a lifecycle of business, which requires understanding of the points of leverage within your firm from a profit and relationship network perspective. Understand how the strategies you employ and the day-to-day activities of your teams affect the organization's financial outcomes and market value.

Corporate Debt Distress and Restructuring
With interest rates rising, an understanding of corporate debt and restructuring issues is important for stakeholders ranging from senior finance executives to private equity firms, analysts, and mergers & acquisitions specialists. Topics include distressed private equity deals, over credit risk, debt structures (secured, unsecured, off-balance sheet), Chapter 11 versus out-of-court restructuring, financial covenant violations, and credit default swaps.

Financial Analysis: Linking Performance and Strategy
Examine how your strategies and the day-to-day activities of your teams affect financial outcomes and market value. You will learn straightforward techniques to assess the success of company operating strategies and measure corporate and business-unit performance.

Strategic Thinking

The combination of the emerging digital revolution and disruptive geo-political forces has created a new reality for companies across most industries. Whatever your business strategy is today, it will likely need to be different three to five years from now. Hence, executives require a broader and deeper set of strategic thinking skills that extend well beyond their specific areas of expertise. Learn critical concepts and frameworks that will help your organization anticipate these changes, and gain the strategic agility to effectively respond through making the necessary changes in your strategy.

The Power of Strategic Thinking in a VUCA World
Today's state of global affairs may be aptly described as VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). Explore strategies to lead your team during chaotic times while managing risk.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and New Analytical Methods

Harness artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other new analytical methods and technologies to create value for your customers and help your firm gain a competitive edge. You will stretch your thinking as a leader, examine how this technology can help your company accomplish its strategic goals, and gain practical analytical methods to drive revenue.

Executing Breakthrough and Disruptive Innovation
To be truly innovative, you need to look beyond your organization, develop new perspectives, and answer fundamental strategic questions: How can we leverage others’ ideas to fuel our own growth? What orthodoxies and blind spots put us at risk for disruption? What does the world know that we don’t? In this program you’ll learn tactics for gathering insights and new ideas.

Leading Innovation

Successful entrepreneurs and corporate innovation leaders typically share five specific skills and mindsets—known collectively as “the innovator’s DNA”—that enable teams to discover opportunities, create better solutions, de-risk more effectively, and execute faster. Through hands-on learning and discussion, you’ll explore and practice these skills and prepare to apply them across your organization.

Innovative, Strategic Decision Making

Learn how to develop and analyze unique, creative strategies for your business unit and organization. Learn how to leverage decision models, avoid decision traps, and more.

Revenue Creation and Pricing Strategy
For most companies, optimal pricing is both a primary strategic goal and a top strategic challenge. How does one formulate a pricing strategy? Which data and methods should one use to make pricing decisions? Who should be in charge of pricing decision-making? You’ll learn what happens when firms fail to align pricing with the perceived value of consumers, and you’ll explore better ways to deliver effective pricing decisions.

Strategies for Global Supply Chain Leadership
Supply chains—global networks of organizations that supply and transform materials and distribute final products to consumers around the world—can serve as a crucial source of competitive advantage. Learn how to identify the drivers of superior supply chain performance so that you can create significant value for your firm.

Business Operations
How do you predict consumer demand for a new product or service when you have no data? We offer a curriculum based on 'The Amazon Effect: How Speed to Market Is Impacting Organizational Design—from Making New Product Bets to Flexible Fulfillment Initiatives'. You'll learn how to create demand scenarios that account for uncertainty and risk. You’ll build the capabilities you need to source and deliver these products. And you’ll explore innovative operational practices to help you mitigate obstacles such as supply-chain disruptions and changing customer expectations.

De-Risking Innovation to Move Fast
Processes that companies use to evaluate and execute projects that fit within existing business models don’t work well when applied to higher-risk initiatives. As a result, these projects move slowly, consume too many resources, and are often killed either prematurely or too late. We can help you build a deep understanding of why innovation tends to fail under existing processes — and outline an alternative approach for successfully managing higher-risk innovation projects.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Engaging in M&A activity is not a low-risk endeavor, so it is imperative that executives know how to navigate this landscape. Gain the analytical framework and tools to successfully execute mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring for your organization's growth.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
ESG has grown dramatically as organizations respond to customer and shareholder demands for more sustainable, socially responsible companies. Discover benefits to sustainable investing, evaluate risks, and explore expected versus realized returns — and learn how to unleash the power of capital to generate positive, measurable impact while generating financial returns. You'll explore ESG decision-making approaches into the investment lifecycle, and investment strategies aimed to drive measurable social or environmental impact. You'll also explore impact investing strategies for venture capital and private equity.

Impact Investing
Learn the fundamentals of impact investing and explore how it generates positive, measurable social and environmental impact alongside return on investment.

Sustainable Investing
What are the costs and benefits of sustainable investing? Why has it become so popular? How do sustainable investments perform? Explore these questions and more as you learn about the theory and practice of investing through the lens of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact.

Wealth Management and Family Offices
For those who manage investments and wealth: Deeply understand the needs of family businesses, explore the challenges for multi-generational wealth and taking the leadership mantle in a family businesses, and understand how to lead in entrepreneurial, strategic and innovative ways.

Philanthropic Giving
Empower your leaders or clients to practice philanthropy more effectively and make their giving more meaningful—to themselves and to those they strive to help.


Unsure which curriculum will be most beneficial for your organization? We offer assessment services to help you uncover organizational improvement needs and identify the learning areas that will provide the largest impact.