Strategy, Innovation, and Analytics

Smart strategies are more critical than ever as organizations respond to today's rapid competitive and market changes. Our Strategy, Innovation, and Analytic programs focus on stimulating growth,  increasing marketing share, and enhancing marketing efforts through a data-driven approach to business. 

These programs help executives evaluate their corporate strategies to combat competition, improve sales efforts with powerful pricing strategies, and lead digital transformation for sustainable growth. You'll discover how to create new products for competitive advantage and preserve your company as disruptive changes occur. 

The Advanced Strategy Program—Live-Online

A new live-online education series that provides powerful growth strategies to increase market share in highly competitive markets.

Digital Innovation Strategy and Management—Live-Online

Learn the tools to frame opportunities and challenges, gain actionable frameworks for defining and driving digital strategy, and envision next-generation innovation strategies for sustainable growth.

Executive Program in Corporate Strategy

Strengthen yourself as a leader by adding strategic value to your organization. You'll learn techniques to understand the competitive structure of an industry and a company's competitive advantage.

Leading with Data and Analytics—Online 

Learn how to improve business outcomes by leverage analytics to make evidence-based decisions.

Strategic Thinking—Hong Kong 

Acquire strategic thinking frameworks to recognize how industry changes are impacting your business—and determine the critical capabilities required to preserve and grow business as disruptive changes occur.