Strategic Organizational Management: Leading and Aligning Strategy with Structure

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Increase your competitive gain by aligning your business strategy with your organizational structure. You'll gain the frameworks to build a highly energized workforce that operates in a fashion to achieve long-term business goals.

A well-crafted organizational design must support the execution of a chosen business strategy. And as business strategies evolve to meet changing market demands, so should a company's internal structure. This requires connecting the interdependent needs of your business strategy with your organizational design and culture. This type of leadership requires a strategic approach to make effective high-stakes management decisions, provide and influence guidance, and execute in ways that align with your business strategy.

This program explores three key management areas to help your organization prepare and respond to changing market demands. First, you will define and evaluate business strategies through a behavioral lens, increasing your ability to envision your organization's future. Next, you'll connect your business strategy to effective organizational structures - how are responsibilities assigned, how communication flows throughout organization, and how to incentivize workforces. And lastly, you'll examine powerful organization cultures that embraces change and innovation to prepare your business to meet future goals.


Why this Program?

Business leaders, especially senior executives, must understand the impact of changing trends and behaviors. Economics provides a powerful lens for evaluating competing business options, opportunity costs, and tradeoffs. This program incorporates the approach to economic research and experimentation that makes the University of Chicago a leader in this field. When you attend this program, you'll learn from world-class faculty and researchers who are generating insights in how economic agents cope with changing environments, and increase in your ability to select choices based on economics' role in executive decision-making.

By attending, you will:

  • Explore the mental processes of evaluating your long-term business strategy, and gain the leadership tools to build followers and implement these strategies. 
  • Dive into organizational designs and flexible work structures that maximize efficiency and align with a company's business goals.
  • Explore workforce designs that allocate human capital resources effectively, including powerful job design techniques and tools to mobilize talent.
  • Increase communication streams and agreement by removing organizational barriers that hinder or prevent knowledge sharing.
  • Examine organizational cultures and their readiness to embrace innovation, creativity, and new ways of working together.


This program is for mid to senior-level executives responsible for setting their company's strategic vision and seeking to align their internal workstreams better to meet these goals. Those who contribute to driving organizational change and influencing employees at an enterprise level will also benefit. This program is appropriate for various industries and sectors.

Titles include Director, Vice President, C-Suite, Unit Mangers, and those in Talent Management and Human Resource roles.

Michael Gibbs

Clinical Professor of Economics
Michael Gibbs studies the economics of human resources and organizational design. He is co-author of the leading textbook in the field, Personnel Economics in Practice, which has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Bulgarian and Spanish. Gibbs's research has been published in the Journal of Political Economy - Microeconomics, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, Industrial Labor Relations Review, Accounting Review, and other journals. Professor Gibbs is a Research Fellow of the Center for the Study of Labor (IZA). From 2012-2015, he was Faculty Director of Booth’s Executive MBA program.

Gibbs received the Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature from the American Accounting Association. He has received four Hillel Einhorn Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Gibbs earned an AB, AM and PhD in economics, all from the University of Chicago.

Ram Shivakumar

Adjunct Professor of Economics and Strategy
Ram Shivakumar specializes in industrial organization and financial economics. His research has appeared in the California Management Review, Journal of International Economics, the Canadian Journal of Economics, the Journal of Sports Economics, Emerging Markets Quarterly and the Journal of Industrial Economics.

Shivakumar received a bachelor's degree in economics from the University of Madras, India, a master's degree in financial mathematics from the University of Chicago, and a PhD in economics from Indiana University.

Shivakumar is an avid crossfit, yoga and golf enthusiast.

Note: The London offering, taught exclusively by Professor Gibbs, is a highly focused three-day offering centered around on the program's organizational design concepts. 

The Chicago offering is five days, taught by professors Gibbs and Shivakumar.

Strategic Leadership: Mental Processes and Dimensions 

  • Foresight and Reflection: Your Strategy Credo
  • Guiding Principles: Developing your Business Strategy
  • Persuading and Legitimizing: Influencing Your Vision


Organizational Design: Align Your Strategy to Your Structure

  • Structures to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Communication Streams
  • Performance Metrics and Evaluations
  • Talent Management: Explicit and Implicit Employee Contracting


An Organization's Readiness: Cultures and Climates 

  • The Leaders Role in Setting the Tone
  • Aligning Vision and Value Propositions to your Business Strategy

Choose your Campus:  

  • April 2024 program will take place at our London campus
    The Rothman Campus: One Bartholomew Close Barts Square, London EC1A 7BL, UK
  • June 2024 program will take place at our Chicago campus
    Gleacher Center, 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive, Chicago, IL 60611-4316
  • September 2024 program will take place at our Chicago campus
    Gleacher Center, 450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive, Chicago, IL 60611-4316

Program faculty and practitioners are subject to change at the various locations.

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