The Chicago Booth Approach to Business

Discover and implement groundbreaking theory and the latest data-driven research to become a transformative leader. 

Inquiry. Insight. Impact.

Three words that describe the power and outcomes of a distinctive way of learning, analyzing, and interacting.

The way we generate, refine, and apply ideas sets Chicago Booth apart from other business schools and distinguishes our students for the entirety of their professional lives. Our educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that transformational insights start with rigorous inquiry and a fundamentals-based understanding of how organizations function, how markets work, and how people make decisions.

  • Rigorous Inquiry
    Our executive participants learn to question and evaluate problems and opportunities through foundational disciplines.
  • Cogent Insight At Booth, empirical evidence (real-world data) and analysis are paramount. A diverse array of analytical and behavioral frameworks gives participants the ability to visualize compelling new business solutions.
  • Enduring Impact We believe that effective, long-term business practices stem from fundamental principles, not fads or trends. Our executive participants have transformational experiences that turn them into more empowered, impactful leaders

The Chicago Booth Difference—A Leader in Research and Education 

  • Tradition of Excellence
    Founded in 1898, the University of Chicago Booth School of Business is the second-oldest business school in the United States. We are the first to offer an executive MBA program in 1943, and the first to offer a PhD in business in 1920.
  • A Global Partner 
    We are the first business school to establish a permanent campus on three continents: North America, Asia, and Europe. With locations on three continents, we leverage the global footprint and network to help you meet the demanding global challenge. 
  • Our Research
    We are the first to originate the study of modern finance, develop the concept of social capital, redefine the science of the stock market and pioneer quantitative marketing.
  • Outstanding Faculty 
    Chicago Booth has one of the most highly regarded faculty of any business school in the world. As part of the University of Chicago, which is home to an extraordinary 99 Nobel laureates, Chicago Booth has 10 faculty members who have won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences.  

    Chicago Booth faculty conduct award-winning research, create renowned analyses, collaborate and consult with firms, serve on corporate boards, and start their own companies. World leaders, media outlets, and top global companies regularly turn to our faculty members for their expertise and insights.