Leadership and Executive Management

Our Leadership and Executive Management portfolio provides updated frameworks for senior executives within the Executive Management category, and programs for all leaders in the Leadership category.

Our executive management programs are designed to help senior executives manage the disruptive forces which have accelerated the way organizations innovate and operate. These programs provide the agility to navigate the complexity of leading in a world of constant change, the acumen to inspire high-impact ideas through purposeful inquiry, turn data into actionable insights, and multidimensional problem-solving.

Designed to meet a wide range of personal and organizational development needs, our leadership programs help executives improve their skills by emphasizing agility, high-performance environments, and implementing change. As a result, you'll become a more authentic leader ready to instill and motivate change.

The Advanced Management Program

Chicago Booth's Advanced Management Program is the only senior executive program that allows you to customize your curriculum to personalize your learning experience to meet your and your organization's goals.

The Accelerated Development Program

The Accelerated Development Program offers a powerful solution: maximize exposure to key business concepts and strategies in an intensive, multi-modular format consisting of three academic modules on Chicago Booth campuses in Hong Kong, London, and Chicago; one field immersion module in New Dehli; and four online modules.

Chicago Booth Executive Program in El Gouna, Egypt

This experiential program will help leaders use The Chicago Booth Approach to overcome market disruption and increase collaboration across industries. The program is custom-designed for the region addressing business challenges in the market today - all taught by world-renowned Chicago Booth faculty.

The Executive Program for Prospective CFOs

The role of financial leaders today has evolved beyond strictly crunching numbers. Finance officers must be strategic leaders, effective communicators, and risk managers. Chicago Booth has assembled an interdisciplinary team of faculty form the fields of economics, finance, accounting, strategy and leadership to create this one-of-a-kind program.

Global Leadership Institute

Modern business challenges require new approaches. Traditional, coveted leadership skills must be coupled with strong decision-making abilities in today's rapidly evolving and unpredictable world. Global Leadership Institute is a premier executive development program for skilled professionals from around the globe who seek to enhance their decision-making skills to guide their organizations to the future.

Unleash the Private Equity Mindset in Private Companies

Become a highly-focused company that maximizes value and profitability by deploying the tools often used by private-equity leaders as they transform a company.

Behavioral Economics: Nudging to Shape Decisions—Online

In this online program, you'll learn to leverage behavioral economic insights to improve economic policy and management outcomes.

Essentials of Executive Leadership: The Psychology of Management

Learn the apply insights from the discipline of social psychology to build your ability to effectively lead and management people, processes and situations.

High-Performance Leadership 

Create a high-performance environment that drives financial results, inspires innovation, and accelerates growth.

Leading High-Performance Organizations—Hong Kong

Learn behaviors that accelerate or stifle high performance, how to leverage positive attributes of a work environment, and
techniques to build performance into your organization. 

Leading Organizational Change

Learn powerful methods to revitalize your organization, gain cooperation, improve strategic thinking and creative problem solving.

Negotiate with Influence—Live-Online

Learn how to negotiate to achieve more value while maximizing the benefits for your organization and yourself.

Negotiation and Decision-Making Strategies 

Learn how to negotiate with integrity using the basic influence techniques of professional negotiators.

Negotiations: Strategies and Processes for Impactful Outcomes—Hong Kong

Become a more effective negotiator by developing your toolkit of negotiation tactics and strategies. You'll learn from an extensive set of negotiation experiences and benefit from valuable feedback.

Physician Leadership Program

As the business of healthcare becomes increasingly tied to clinical outcomes, physicians must become effective, agile leaders. This program equips physicians with the essential leadership tools needed to manage cross-functional teams and implement data-driven financial decisions.

Resilient Leadership for High-Performing Organizations—Live-Online

Develop the courage to tackle tough times and learn how to foster an agile, high-performance environment.

Strategic Business Leadership

Learn how to use the tools in social capital to build cross-functional, cross-organizational relationships and get ahead of the competition.