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High-Performance Leadership

Learn which attributes are most critical to creating a high-performance work environment that will drive financial result and at the same time accelerate sustainable, profitable growth.

Tasked with creating value while managing change, today's leaders need to tackle complicated problems in innovative ways. Built on the largest performance study ever conducted, this course will teach you the theories and tools needed to create a high-performance work environment that drives financial results and innovation.

Throughout the course, you will learn the behaviors that accelerate or stifle high performance, the techniques that create a collaborative work environment, and the tools that build performance drivers. Interactive exercises and discussion will reveal whether your own behaviors are encouraging the right environment or discouraging it.

You will develop plans to improve your team and create a place where people can seize opportunities, take risks, and generate new ideas.

By attending this program, you will:

  • Create a plan to eradicate the barriers to high performance in a business unit.
  • Identify, replicate, and nurture high-performance behaviors and workgroups throughout the organization.
  • Develop a structured approach to preparing for and thinking about negotiations and everyday influence situations.

Chicago Booth, Gleacher Center, Chicago IL

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Susan Lucia Annunzio

President and Chief Executive Officer

Susan Lucia Annunzio is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Center for High Performance (CfHP). She is a strategic advisor to CEOs of leading global companies on strategy attainment and business transformation.

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Sonny Garg

Energy Solutions Lead, Uptake

Sonny Garg joined Exelon in 2002 and has focused extensively on transformational and integration work within the company. In his most recent role as president of Exelon Power, he had oversight of the management and operation of Exelon's fossil (coal, oil, and natural gas), landfill gas, hydro, wind, and solar-powered fleet of generating assets in 11 states.

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Linda E. Ginzel

Clinical Professor of Managerial Psychology

Linda Ginzel is Clinical Professor of Managerial Psychology at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where she has been a member of the faculty since 1992.

An excellent, stimulating, and highly relevant course.

- Steven Enochian, Vice President/General Counsel, Gillig Corporation

Chicago has created a wonderful program to aid in the education of business leaders across all lines of business. I received practical tools that I can use immediately to make my associates feel more valued. I will be a better leader as a result of participating in this program.

- Peter Carey, National Asset Recovery Manager, Toyota Motor Credit Corp.

Chicago has excellent programs—this is my third one, and I haven't been disappointed yet.

- William Harrison, President and COO, MPI Research

Class gave great insight into assisting company teams and leaders to become more effective and productive. I was skeptical prior to coming, as I attended another program at a competitor and highly respected institution in which material was not relevant for actual business workplace. I found the exact opposite with the program at Chicago.

- Richard Alfirevic, EVP/Chief Operations Officer, VyStar Credit Union

Combines academic theory and practical application of leadership skills that can be used in real world situations.

- Alan Gettelman, Director of Marketing, Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.

Excellent course. A good mix of workgroup/class sessions. Interaction with other attendees was extremely beneficial.

- Gael Naizin, Supply Chain Manager, Schlumberger

Excellent learning environment. Acquired many tangible skills and processes to utilize in my organization. Provided key leadership strategies that can be used to benefit leaders of public safety agencies.

- Douglas Barry, Fire Chief, Los Angeles Fire Department

Excellent program. Thank you!

- Cheng Zhu Xu, General Manager China Mfg. & Global Sourcing, Schlumberger Shanghai

Great program! I will recommend it to others in my organizations at all levels, followers, management, and leadership. My regret is that this program was not available earlier in my career.

- Paul Ekstrom, VP, Customer Service and Information Systems, California Water Service Company

I am very pleased with the seminar and honestly believe that it will have a positive impact on how I position myself towards seeking greater responsibilities or aspire to higher ranks within my institution.

- Eduardo M. Borges, Managing Director Corporate Banking, Banco Santander Brasil S/A

I greatly enjoyed the animated and engaging nature of the instructors. It allowed for the participants to be pulled into discussion early on and enhanced the value I received.

- Albert Plunkett, Account Manager, FIS

It was a great learning experience. I'll surely be a different and better leader after that week.

- Hubert Guibourt, Director of Operations, OST Development

It was a phenomenal, life-changing experience for me. I would absolutely recommend [this program] to others.

- Sanjay Radhakrishan, Senior Manager, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Overall, this has been an excellent experience—one that has provided me with insights and real examples to creating a high performing Organization. I will be able to apply my learnings into my work environment immediately. Nicely done.

- Nelson Rodriguez, Director, Verizon

Susan and Linda are exceptional in pulling out value and good points of the material. Even basic things well known are seen in another light after the sessions.

- Carsten Højer, Finance Manager, TDC

The assembly of high quality leaders in a focused effort to best develop leadership skills was very valuable to me as a young leader who wants to achieve excellence.

- Dr. Ari Mackler, Associate Director, Organon USA, Inc.

The classroom sessions and instructors were first rate. One of the best parts of the week was the peer interaction (breakaways).

- John Roderick, VP of Product Management, D'Addario & Co., Inc.

The course does an excellent job of pulling together and making more concrete practical lessons that, while they seem obvious, are too often not applied. Just as we're challenged to create a better environment in our companies, the environment that's been created at Chicago is very conducive to necessary reflection and experimentation to learn and be ready to apply the lessons learned when we get back to our own companies.

- Brian Keefer, EVP/COO, Bankers Insurance Group

The instruction was outstanding!

- Daniel Claypool, S&OP Supply/Demand Director, Whirlpool Corporation

This course was well designed and the presenters and instructors were very authentic; responsive and knowledgeable. The setting coupled with the energy of the participants provided for a powerful opportunity to reflect fresher and strengthen skills.

- Suzanne Sinclair, Vice President Marketing Strategic Initiatives, Zurich North America

This is the single best leadership training I have ever participated in. The quality of teachers and students was exceptional. Energy was high; focus and effort by all was outstanding.

- Andy Keimach, Executive Vice President, Munchkin, Inc

This program provided the necessary insights and tools to improve leadership skills. Thank you.

- James McBride, Senior Mfg. Launch Manager, GEMA

This seminar was excellent reinforcement and a refresher. The strengthsfinder tool was new to me, and I will be sharing with peers and my team.

- Kevin Ellison, Director, Southern CA Edison

Tremendous program. The most valuable thing I've ever done for my career.

- Rick Strachan, Group Publisher, Hanley Wood, LLC

Truly one of the most valuable and interesting classes I have ever taken, one from which the learning can and will be directly applied.

- Valerie Walker, VP Exploration, Elora Energy Inc

This program will benefit mid- to senior-level managers whose business unit is charged with creating value for the organization. It is designed to provide those in leadership roles with techniques for encouraging an environment necessary to sustain long-term, profitable growth and one in which people can seize opportunities—take risks, generate new ideas, and make mistakes. Titles include: innovation leader, change manager, senior project manager, operations manager, mid- to senior-level manager, director, vice president, and C-suite.


Introduction to High-Performance Leadership

  • Learn what drives high performance in uncertain economic times
  • Identify the three drivers and corresponding attributes of a high-performing work environment

Leadership: Encouraging a High-Performance Environment

  • Explore familiar leadership styles and the correlation between leadership style and resultant behaviors
  • How can you identify and enable top performers?

The Tenets of a High-Performance Environment

  • How should leaders manage change?
  • Learn how to optimize thinking during change
  • Discover the power of the 20/60/20 rule, unspeakable subjects, and making loud statements of change

Respectful Communication

  • How do leaders communicate to encourage high performance?
  • Discuss the key concepts of communication that allow thinking to thrive

Building a High-Performance Environment

  • What are the key leadership attributes in a high-performance environment?
  • How to learn from each other's experiences and brainstorm new ideas
  • Quick wins to take back and begin implementing immediately

Influence and Collaboration: Negotiation

  • How can you become a more effective negotiator?
  • Prepare for negotiations and everyday influence situations
  • Practice and improve influence and collaboration skills

Now Discover Your Strengths

  • Take the StrengthsfinderTM profile to discover your strengths
  • Leverage your personal strengths to lead transformational change

Critical Thinking and Consensus: Decision Making

  • What is the importance of group process dynamics?
  • What are the pitfalls and benefits of team decision making?
  • Explore the elements of team processes for making decisions

Celebrating Heroes

  • What is the importance of recognizing and celebrating heroes within the company?
  • Craft real-life examples

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