Leading with an Innovation Mindset—Live Online Series

Taught by Justin Milano, a highly seasoned executive coach who has guided top entrepreneurs and business executives worldwide, this three-week live-online series provides an opportunity to gain the leadership skills to foster an environment of experimentation and innovation. You'll emerge with the tools to generate better ideas, become more imaginative, and embrace an innovation mindset—all of which are required to effectively respond to technology's accelerating pace.


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We recognize the leadership challenges organizations are facing in adapting to rapid change. In response, we want to help leaders generate better ideas, become more imaginative, and embrace an innovation mindset—requirements to effectively respond to technology's accelerating pace.  You will emerge from this 3-week experience with the skills and agility to stay ahead of change and thrive in the face of technological disruption.

By attending, over the course of six live-online 90 minutes sessions, you'll...

  • Identify common barriers to an innovation mindset
  • Discover how fear and anxiety impacts people's reactions and responses to change
  • Explore the correlation between self-worth and resistance to change
  •  Acquire practical techniques to create high-impact teams, enhance self-curiosity, and create psychological safety
  • Discover organizational strategies to build a culture of safety, openness, and empowerment to drive team transformation and success

This series is designed for mid- to senior-level executives who seek the leadership skills to cultivate repeated innovation and experimentation, test new ideas, foster adaptable environments, and instill a culture of continuous learning and trust in their organizations. 

The learnings will benefit those in the fields of innovation, sales, marketing, business development, and operations, as well as those responsible for launching new products and services. 

This series is appropriate for a wide range of industries and sectors.

Session 1: Personal Foundation—Cultivating an Innovation Mindset

Session 2: Fear Dynamics in Decision-Making—Strategies to Promote Positive Outcomes 

Session 3: Identity Dynamics—Leading Change and Promoting Adaptability 

Session 4: Nurturing Curiosity and Creativity for Sustainable Growth 

Session 5: Decisive Minds— Balancing System 1 and System 2 Thinking for Innovation

Session 6: Thriving Teams—Create the Conditions for an Innovative Organization

This six-session series is held in a live-online format from Noon-1:30 PM Central Time. 

Our live-online programs are delivered in a synchronous format where executives learn in an interactive, high-impact virtual environment. Leaders will receive Booth’s rigorous content in short, digestible sessions—implementing their learnings between sessions for rapid transformation. Moreover, sessions include a Q&A time—allowing a rare opportunity to explore concepts with experts.

97% of live-online participants recommend our programs to colleagues, friends, and those who seek to expand their skills. 

Justin Milano

Founder & CEO, Abroad.io

Justin Milano is an entrepreneur, executive coach, and CEO of Abroad.io, a global leadership platform dedicated to developing leaders at every stage of their journey. Splitting his time between San Francisco and New Zealand, Justin draws from his experience as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and now an internationally recognized coach. Over the past decade, Justin has been conducting research and providing individual and group coaching to guide leaders and organizations toward operating with purpose, self-awareness, and creating breakthrough innovations. As a public speaker, Justin has given talks at top universities, venture capital funds, and financial institutions on purpose-driven leadership and executive well-being.

With his practical, real-world insights and personalized guidance, Justin offers actionable strategies tailored to current business landscapes and individual needs, fostering immediate implementation and innovation. His approach focuses on measurable results, enhancing leadership and emotional skills crucial for driving change. In 2019, Justin was selected for the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, an innovative New Zealand government program that looks to attract top social impact entrepreneurs.

The Schedule

This series is held over six 90-minute sessions over the course of three weeks. Sessions are held from Noon–1:30 PM CT.

Session 1: May 14, Cultivating an Innovation Mindset
Session 2: May 16, Fear Dynamics in Decision-Making
Session 3: May 21, Identity Dynamics
Session 4: May 23, Nurturing Curiosity and Creativity 
Session 5: May 28, Balancing System 1 and System 2 Thinking 
Session 6: May 30, Thriving Teams

Group Enrollment

This series is an excellent fit for groups and teams to attend to maximize impact.  We offer special group enrollment packages for this series. Contact us to learn more about our special pricing for group enrollment at contact us at +1.312.464.8732 or exec.ed@chicagobooth.edu or ways we can work with you to support your organization's education budgets.  

Upcoming Courses

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