Innovation Mindset for Leaders—Hong Kong

A New Executive Coaching Program 

Through a highly personalized experience, this multi-modular program provides the frameworks to build creativity for business and become a growth-minded executive. This workshop-style program is led by a seasoned executive coach and includes psychometric assessments used to tailor sessions and curriculum, complemented by individual virtual coaching sessions.


In today's fast-paced, disruptive business landscape, leaders must embrace the mindsets of successful entrepreneurs to foster resilience, innovation, and high-performance cultures. 

This program provides a unique opportunity to learn from leaders in industry who have coached top entrepreneurial leaders worldwide through periods of rapid growth and change. Over two transformative days, participants will uncover their inner entrepreneur and learn how to infuse entrepreneurial mindsets into their teams and organizations, capitalizing on modern opportunities.

This highly personalized program includes psychometric assessments to tailor sessions and curriculum, complemented by individual virtual coaching sessions before and after the 2-day experience. 

Designed for mid-to-senior executives across industries and company sizes, this program is ideal for those motivated to lead change and navigate disruption. Whether you're in a role directly involved in product or service innovation or seeking to spark productive innovation within your team or business unit, this program will benefit leaders at all levels.

Justin Milano

Founder & CEO,

Justin Milano is the Founder & CEO of, an organization dedicated to empowering visionary founders and executives worldwide. With a background as a seasoned entrepreneur and executive coach, Justin has spent the past decade conducting research and providing coaching to guide leaders toward operating with purpose, self-awareness, and breakthrough innovation. His mission is to help build the companies of the future by fostering courageous and wise leadership.

Module One: Virtual 

In this virtual module, you will begin the program experience by completing a psychometric assessment and meeting with an executive coach to explore your individualized outcome. As a cohort, the assessment outcomes will be collectivity utilized to tailor learnings during the in-person module of the program. 

Module Two: In-Person 

Session 1: The Neuroscience of Fear & Attachments

    • Unlock creative thinking by understanding how fear affects the brain.
    • Explore the impact of unconscious attachments on potential.
    • Learn from case studies of well-known brands that navigated decisions influenced by attachments.
    Session 2: From Fear to Creativity
    • Discover the neuroscience behind shifting from fear to creativity.
    • Explore the role of a balanced mind in long-term organizational sustainability and performance.
    • Acquire practical techniques to unlock the creative brain.

    Session 3: System 1 Mind & Creativity

    • Delve into Nobel-prize-winning research on System 1 and System 2 thinking.
    • Learn how to prime the mind for spontaneous insights to complex problems.
    • Draw inspiration from stories of successful founders and executives who achieved breakthroughs during periods of stagnation.

    Session 4: Self-Curiosity & Purpose

    • Harness self-curiosity as a tool for unlocking creative solutions.
    • Embrace a daily practice used by Leonardo DaVinci, a master innovator.
    • Reconnect with your greater purpose to inspire personal and team growth.

    Session 5: Psychological Safety

    • Understand the critical role of psychological safety in high-performing teams.
    • Explore how psychological safety fosters creativity, innovation, and breakthrough performance.
    • Engage in exercises to assess and enhance psychological safety within your teams.

    Session 6: Growth Mindset & The Inner Critic

    • Develop a growth mindset within yourself and your team.
    • Learn how exceptional teams leverage growth mindsets to overcome challenges and failures.
    • Transform your relationship with your inner critic to access innate potential and creativity.

    Bonus: Purpose & Team Alignment

    • Align company purpose, vision, and team objectives for organizational focus and impact.

    Module Three: Virtual 

    Concluding the program, you will meet virtually with an executive coach to explore transitioning the program's learnings into action within your organization.

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