Faculty & Research

Research Workshops

Workshops in each academic area provide a forum for faculty, PhD students, and invited guests to present, discuss, and debate new research.

Workshop in Accounting Research

Discussion covers papers dealing with current topics in accounting research, prepared for the workshop by faculty, students, and invited guests. Meetings are open to all interested faculty, MBA and PhD students. Learn more »


Applied Economics Workshop

New applied research in microeconomics and related fields is presented by Chicago faculty and PhD students, as well as invited speakers. Learn more »


Applied Theory Workshop

This workshop focuses on advanced theoretical research applied to any of the wide range of disciplines represented at the Booth School of Business. Topics in the past have included contract and incentives theory, organizational design, corporate finance, accounting rules and global games, communication and persuasion, bureaucracy, industrial organization and regulation, matching markets, and the foundations of the theory of the firm. Learn more »


Banking Workshop

Faculty and invited speakers present new research on the economics of financial institutions. Learn more »


Behavioral Science Workshop

Invited guests, faculty, and students present current research in decision-making and judgment. The emphasis is on behavioral implications of decision/judgment models. Learn more »


Econometrics and Statistics Colloquium

Faculty and invited speakers present current research in econometrics and statistics, with particular emphasis on methods and applications relating to business and economic problems. Meetings are open to all interested faculty and MBA and PhD students. Learn more »


Finance Workshop

Advanced topics in finance are discussed in detail and research topics presented. Faculty from other universities are invited to speak at the seminar. Learn more »


Finance Lunch Seminar

Topics in finance are discussed and research topics presented. Learn more »


Workshop in Macro/International Economics

This PhD course covers theoretical and empirical studies in real and monetary aspects of international trade and monetary policies and institutions. Students, faculty, and invited visitors present papers. Learn more »


Marketing Workshop

Presentations from faculty, PhD students, and outside speakers from around the world provide a lively basis for discussion. All are welcome. Learn more »


Microeconomics Workshop

Invited speakers present their research on microeconomics. Learn more »


Workshop in Operations/Management Science

Faculty, students, and visitors present papers on current research. Students are encouraged to discuss their work both before and after their formal proposal presentation. Learn more »


Workshop in Organizations and Markets

Faculty and invited speakers present recent research on the structure of competition within and between organizations. Topics include how organizations operate, why they differ, how they emerge from prior organizations, how future growth depends on position in a structure of other organizations, and how people survive and thrive as a function of their position in social organization.
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