The Workshop on Applied Theory meets jointly with the Workshop in Economic Theory on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

The workshop organizers for the Fall 2021 quarter are Ben Brooks and Alex Frankel. For questions or to be added to the list to receive weekly updates, please contact Ari Conterato and Ada Barbosa.

Fall 2021


Date Paper Title(s) Presenter Location
September 28 Optimal Disclose of Information to Privately Informed Agents Ozan Candogan  SHFE 112
October 5 A Cooperative Theory of Market Segmentation by Consumers Nima Haghpanah SHFE 112
October 12 Make It 'Til You Fake It Raphael Boleslavsky SHFE 112
October 19 Bulow-Klemperer Results for Multi-Dimensional Mechanism Design Matt Weinberg Virtual
October 26 Consumer Information and the Limits to Competition (with Mark Armstrong) Jidong Zhou SHFE 112
November 2 Lindahl Equilibrium as a Collective Choice Rule (with Faruk Gul) Wolfgang Pesendorfer SHFE 112
November 9 Asymptotic Behavior of Bayesian Learners with Misspecified Models (joint with Demian Pouzo and Yuichi Yamamoto) Ignacio Esponda Virtual
November 16 Optimal Political Career Dynamics Avidit Acharya Virtual
November 30 Disentangling Exploration from Exploitation Alessandro Lizzeri SHFE 112
December 7 Repeated Games with Many Players Takuo Sugaya SHFE 112