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What Is a Deferred MBA Program?

A deferred MBA program gives you the chance to get admitted to business school while you’re still in college and before you have the work experience most schools require. Once you’ve gained your acceptance, you defer your admission while you work for up to five years. During the deferment period, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you already have a spot in a top MBA program.

The deferred admission MBA program at Booth is known as the Chicago Booth Scholars Program, and it’s open to students who plan to pursue either the Full-Time MBA Program or the Part-Time MBA Program, or those who aren’t sure yet which MBA format will best suit their future needs.

Why Chicago Booth Scholars?

Our MBA deferred admission program gives you the freedom to explore careers after college. Once you’ve received your admittance to our deferred MBA program in your final year of undergraduate school, you can focus on what interests you instead of worrying about business school applications and GMAT prep. Additionally, you’ll immediately be part of a world-wide network of business professionals and benefit from resources designed to enrich your early career development.

Benefits of a Deferred MBA Enrollment

  • As soon as you’re accepted, you’ll gain access to Booth’s incredible network of business leaders through events, programs, and other opportunities.
  • You have the added flexibility of choosing to go into the Full-Time MBA Program or continue working and join the Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program.
  • Connect directly with fellow early career professionals, as well as current MBA students and alumni.
  • Your acceptance to Booth expands your professional options and gives you power in negotiating with prospective employers.
  • Get a head start in your career by networking with professionals in your field, gaining work experience, and beginning to develop your career goals.
  • You’ll be automatically considered for merit-based scholarships, leadership awards, and other funding support.
  • The $250 application fee is waived for Chicago Booth Scholars candidates.
  • More top reasons to apply for a deferred MBA.


Criteria for Deferred Enrollment

Booth’s MBA deferred admission program welcomes applicants who are in their final year of undergraduate work (including joint bachelor's/master's degree programs) at any institution, with any major, and with a wide array of backgrounds and interests. Additionally, any graduate degree student is eligible to apply to the Chicago Booth Scholars Program, provided they transitioned directly from their undergraduate studies to a Master's degree program.

Successful applicants demonstrate intellectual curiosity, personal maturity, competitive scores, and leadership. They also have a history of substantive internships or part-time jobs and/or an entrepreneurial spirit.

Who Should Apply?

Anyone in their final year of undergraduate studies who knows they later want an MBA, is considering the possibility of a future MBA, or doesn’t know what direction their professional path will take, should apply for Chicago Booth Scholars deferred MBA program. Candidates include students from both US and International institutions with majors across the board, ranging from Liberal Arts to STEM focuses.


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