With access to courses at the University of Chicago, you can further tailor your program of study to suit your career goals through 10 joint-degree and certificate programs.

The joint-degree and certificate programs available through Chicago Booth and the University of Chicago embody our commitment to interdisciplinarity, providing you with the skills and knowledge you seek to advance in your career.

The following MBA joint-degree programs and certificate programs are open to students in the Full-Time MBA Program. (The University of Chicago Obama Foundation Scholars Program is open to both Full-Time MBA and Part-Time MBA students.)

If you’re a current or future student in Booth’s Evening MBA or Weekend MBA Program, you may enroll as a joint-degree student in the Masters Program in Computer Science or can consider a dual enrollment in another program at the University of Chicago. Please note: the majority of the non-Booth classes take place during the day. Therefore, enrolling in a dual MBA program or a certificate program may not fit with your work schedule.

Joint-Degree Programs

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This program arms you with the economic, statistical, and behavioral knowledge to make effective change in the health-care community.


Certificate Programs