Coronavirus Updates

Six Steps to Enrollment

1. Check Course Catalog
Browse our course catalog to view available courses, faculty, and schedules. The course schedule for the entire academic year is published each July. For academic year 2024-2025 Booth courses are returning to majority in-person only. Please reference the modality listed in the course catalog.

2. Check Eligibility and Prerequisites

3. Check Available Seats

Courses are offered on a space-available basis after Booth students have had first priority for registration. To estimate your chances of getting in to the class of your choice, see our seat availability report. The report isn’t updated in real time, but it’s updated periodically throughout registration.

Note that enrollment in a Booth course is not guaranteed. Seats are filled on a first-come, first-served basis through the non-Booth online request process. Waitlists are not created for non-Booth students, and seat limits for full courses are not increased.



4. Read the Fine Print

5. Check for a First Class Assignment

Some courses have assignments due on the first day of class. We highly recommend that you complete the assignment even if you’re not sure you’re enrolled.


6. Submit an Enrollment Request
The Summer quarter registration link will open on June 3.

  • Non-Booth enrollment is a manual process that takes place just before the start of the quarter in order to allow eligible non-Booth students to fill seats not taken by Booth students.
  • Non-Booth students and Booth alumni use an online form to request enrollment.
  • The form requires your full name, @UChicago email address, and 8-digit student ID number. You will use a drop-down list to select the course(s) you are requesting. A sample request form is available for those who want to see what information is needed.
  • Requests are collected and then manually processed in date/time stamp order. Notifications are sent by email, and Canvas activation typically occurs overnight for active students (Booth alumni may take a few days).
  • If your request was not successful, you may submit another enrollment request up until the deadline. After that, no new enrollments are allowed, even with faculty permission.
  • Many Booth faculty have a mandatory first class attendance policy, so if you miss the first session you may not be allowed to enroll. Check the Booth course search tool for details.