Chicago Booth offers an MBA degree in four formats, designed to meet your professional needs and goals: the Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, Weekend MBA, and the global Executive MBA Program.

Chicago Booth is a place for risk-takers. For people who believe in challenging the status quo. For people who not only dream big but want to do big things. For leaders like you.

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All four of our master’s in business administration programs offer the same powerful MBA degree, the same world-class faculty, the same influential network, the same dynamic community. Only the format and the students’ professional profiles differ. You choose the one that matches your interests, goals, experience, and schedule.

In class, in cocurricular opportunities, and in our community, your Booth MBA experience will open doors and empower you to turn your bold thinking into real-world impact. When you graduate with an MBA from Booth, you will have the knowledge to lead with confidence and put your ideas into action. You will be ready to launch your lifelong journey of learning and discovery, supported by the powerful Booth network.

Why Business School—and Why Booth

As you advance in life and in your career, you will need the network and knowledge to navigate today’s complex world and make the impact you want. Earn an MBA from Booth, and you can:

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Join a Global Network

There are many paths to a successful career. But you can’t get there without a network of people willing to help you. At Booth, you will not only develop the business knowledge that’s necessary to advance in your career, but you will also tap into Booth’s powerful, supportive, global network, which is 54,000 strong—and growing.

Join a Global Network
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Master the Fundamentals of Business 

Your Booth MBA education is rooted in the fundamentals of business—accounting, economics, psychology, sociology, and statistics. At Booth, we teach you how to use analytical frameworks and apply evidence-based thinking to solve complex problems and make a real impact in your business and industry—and in the world.

Master the Fundamentals of Business 
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Progress in Your Career

Wherever you are in your career—whether you’re ready to transition to a different industry, pivot within your field, or earn a promotion—Booth has the best MBA program to help you reach the next step in your professional life. Our curriculum is designed for intellectually curious learners. It empowers you to choose MBA courses to fit your needs, build on experiences to set you up for success, and develop the skills necessary to advance.

Progress in Your Career
ChicagoBooth alumni Satya Nadella sitting and speaking at an event on the Chicago Booth Campus

Make an Impact on the World

Anyone can have an effect on the world. Booth alumni draw on powerful ideas to create impact that endures. From Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, ’97, to Braintree founder Bryan Johnson, ’07 (XP-76), our alumni aren’t just changing today’s world. They’re shaping tomorrow’s.

Make an Impact on the World

Which Booth MBA Program Is Right for You?

Program Overview Typical Time to Complete Years of Work Experience
(mid-80 percent range)*
Age in Years
(mid-80 percent range)*
Full-Time MBA Immerse yourself in the most flexible full-time MBA program, and complete a life-changing internship midway through your MBA experience.
Harper Center / Hyde Park, Chicago
21 months 3 - 7
26 - 31
Evening MBA Keep working while earning your MBA in downtown Chicago in the evenings.
Gleacher Center / Downtown Chicago
2.5 - 3 years
2 - 9
25 - 33
Weekend MBA
Live and work anywhere in the United States while earning your MBA in downtown Chicago on Saturdays.
Gleacher Center / Downtown Chicago
2.5 - 3 years
3 - 10
26 - 34
Executive MBA Offered in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong, this program for experienced professionals allows you to refine your general management skills while expanding your global network.
North America / Downtown Chicago, Gleacher Center
Europe / London, Barts Square
Asia / Hong Kong, Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex | The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong
21 months 8 - 20
31 - 44

*This data represents Booth MBA students entering in 2019, is accurate as of November 21, 2019, and reflects the mid-80 percent range of students.

Which MBA Program Is Right For You?

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Early Career MBA Programs, Joint-Degree Programs, and the Civic Scholars Program

In addition to programs that meet you where you are in your career, we offer pathways to the MBA for undergraduates, early career candidates, those seeking a joint degree, and impact-driven professionals who work in a 501(c) designated nonprofit organization or for the government.

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MBA Life at Chicago Booth 

See how the student experience comes to life for MBA students at Chicago Booth, and read about how our alumni are creating impact across the globe.

MBA Life at Chicago Booth