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June 27, 2023 05:00 PM
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Title City Location Date
GMAT Club's MBA Spotlight Fair (Virtual) 0v Virtual Event Fairs/Conferences June 13, 2023 Register Now
GMAT Club's MBA Spotlight Fair (Virtual) 0v Virtual Event Fairs/Conferences June 14, 2023 Register Now
Top Business Schools Discuss: The Value of an MBA 1v Zoom Admissions June 21, 2023 Register Now
Student-Hosted Event: Calgary, Canada (In Person) 0v Calgary Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters - Calgary Place June 09, 2023 Register Now
Ivy Circle - Amsterdam MBA Fair 0v Amsterdam St. Nicolaaslyceum Fairs/Conferences June 08, 2023 Register Now
Top MBAs: London In-Person Event 0v London The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Admissions June 07, 2023 Register Now
Chicago Booth MBA Mixer: Boston 0v Boston Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant Admissions July 10, 2023 Register Now
Chicago Booth MBA Mixer: NYC 0v New York Houston Hall Admissions July 11, 2023 Register Now
Chicago Booth MBA Mixer: DC 0v Washington The University of Chicago's Office of Federal Relations Admissions July 12, 2023 Register Now
Chicago Booth MBA Mixer: Atlanta 0v Atlanta Cooks & Soldiers Admissions July 13, 2023 Register Now
Chicago Booth MBA Mixer: San Francisco 0v San Francisco Le Colonial Admissions July 20, 2023 Register Now
Chicago Booth MBA Mixer: Dallas 0v Dallas Ziziki's Admissions July 26, 2023 Register Now

Explore our Types of Events

Just starting your MBA research?  MBA Fairs/Conferences are partnership events with organizations, such as The MBA Tour or The Forte Foundation, that help you explore the programs, options, and benefits of an MBA degree. Fairs offer a chance to meet Booth Admissions staff one-on-one and learn more about our community and programs. 

Curious about what distinguishes Booth?  Zoom in on Booth are virtual events where admissions staff provide an introductory overview of Booth’s program and the values essential to The Chicago Approach™. You also join small breakout groups in order to ask questions about Booth’s community, student life, and academic and career offerings. During the academic year, students also participate in the breakout groups.

Considering applying to Booth?  Zoom In On Booth: Tips and Tricks for Creating Your Best Application virtual events offer an in-depth breakdown of our application and evaluation process. You'll also join small breakout groups where you can ask questions about Booth’s community, our academic offerings, and anything related to the application process.

Looking for personal connections with Booth’s community and network?  In-person MBA Mixers and International Events are informal evening settings where alumni, current students, and admissions directors share their experiences and knowledge of Chicago Booth. Available in a  variety of locations, these personal interactions offer tangible insights into the impact of a Booth MBA. 

Interested in seeing a faculty-led class but can’t make it to campus?  The MBA Masterclass Series lets prospective students experience our transformative classroom dynamic—virtually or on demand. Booth professors cover a broad array of research and business areas—including accounting, behavioral economics, entrepreneurship, finance, impact investing, management, marketing, and more. View courses here.

Ready to experience Booth firsthand?  Our in-person Campus Visit Program features a Q&A session with Admissions and tour of The Harper Center in Hyde Park. During the academic year, you'll also get to join students for lunch and a class. This is an ideal opportunity to experience what it's like to be a Booth student, and get your questions answered. Register for our Campus Visit Program here.

For the most up-to-date information about coronavirus and Chicago Booth, please visit the Chicago Booth Coronavirus Updates webpage.

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