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Autumn 2019

Date Time Location Topic Speaker Institution

Thursday,  October 3

1:20–2:30 p.m.       
Studentized Sensitivity Analysis for the Sample Average Treatment Effect in Paired Observational Studies Colin Fogarty Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thursday,  October 10 1:20–2:30 p.m. HC-3B
Benign Overfitting in Linear Regression Peter Bartlett
University of California, Berkeley
Thursday,  October 17 1:20–2:30 p.m.
HC-3B Stratification Trees for Adaptive Randomization in Randomized Controlled Trials Max Tabord-Meehan University of Chicago
Thursday,  October 24 1:20–2:30 p.m. HC-3B The Effects of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy: A New Approach Barbara Rossi Pompeu Fabra University
Thursday,  October 31 1:20–2:30 p.m.  HC-3B
Beyond Linearization: On Quadratic and Higher-Order Approximation of Wide Neural Networks Jason Lee Marshall Business School, USC
Thursday, November 7 1:20–2:30 p.m. HC-3B Essential Regression Marten Wegkamp Cornell University
Thursday, November 14 1:20–2:30 p.m. HC-3B Adaptive Inferential Method for Monotone Graph Invariants Junwei Lu Harvard University
Thursday, November 21 1:20–2:30 p.m. HC-3B

Uncertainty Quantification for Bayesian CART (Rockova)

A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Randomization Tests of Causal Effects Under General Interference (Puelz)

Veronika Rockova 

David Puelz

 Chicago Booth

Thursday, December 5 1:20–2:30 p.m. HC-3B   Sanjog Misra Chicago Booth