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Faculty and invited speakers present current econometrics and statistics research, with particular emphasis on methods and applications relating to business and economic problems. Meetings are open to all interested faculty and MBA and PhD students.

The workshop will be held in-person (in HC 3B, unless otherwise noted), with no virtual options. Please contact workshop administrator Mary Kate Stanfa to be added to the listserv for weekly updates.

When possible, links to the workshop papers are posted to this page for printing. Occasionally, speakers opt not to circulate their papers. Therefore, the link will be unavailable.

Spring 2024

Date Time Location Topic Speaker Institution

Thursday, March 21st

1:20pm – 2:30pm Harper 3B

Mean-field asymptotics: some recent progress beyond Gaussian data

See here for associated paper 1, paper 2, and paper 3.

Qiyang Han


Thursday, March 28th 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Harper 3B
Hypothesis testing with information asymmetry
Stephen Bates MIT
Thursday, April 4th 1:20pm – 2:30pm Harper 3B

Robust Sensitivity Analysis for Matched Observational Studies

See here for associated paper 1 and paper 2.

Xinran Li UChicago Stats
Thursday, April 11th 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Harper 3B
Minimum Resource Threshold Policy Under Partial Influence Hyunseung Kang


Thursday, April 18th 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Harper 3B


Using Experimentation to Manage Innovation Risk: An Experimental Design for Anytime-Valid Causal Inference on Multi-Armed Bandits

Iavor Bojinov Harvard Business School
Thursday, April 25th 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Harper 3B

Frontiers in Collective Intelligence

See here for associated paper 1, paper 2, and paper 3.

Manuel Cebrian

Spanish National Research Council

Thursday, May 2nd 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Harper 3B
Hierarchical Causal Models
Dave Blei


Thursday, May 9th 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Harper 3B

Overparametrization and the bias-variance dilemma 

See here for associated paper 1 and paper 2.

Johannes Schmidt-Hieber University of Twente
Thursday, May 16th 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Harper 3B

Conformal Inference, Covariate Shift, and De-biased Two-Sample U-Statistics

See here for associated paper 1 and paper 2.

Jing Lei Carnegie Mellon
Thursday, May 23rd 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Harper 3B
FedCBO: Reaching Group Consensus in Clustered Federated Learning and Robustness to Backdoor Adversarial Attacks
Nicolás García Trillos Wisconsin
Thursday, May 30th 1:20pm – 2:30pm
Harper 3B
Debiasing with General Conditional Moments and High-Dimensional First Stages
Facundo Argañaraz

Booth Visitor

Economics PhD Student, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid


Winter 2024

Date Time Location Topic Speaker Institution
Tuesday, January 16th, 2024 1:20pm - 2:30pm 3A An Exact Sampler for Inference after Polyhedral Selection
Sifan Liu Stanford

Thursday, January 18th, 2024

1:20pm - 2:30pm 3B Kernel Ridge Regression Inference with Applications to Preference Data Suhas Vijaykumar MIT
Monday, January 22nd, 2024 1:20pm - 2:30pm


Causal Inference under Interference through Designed Markets Evan Munro Stanford
Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 1:20pm - 2:30pm
3SW Infinite-Depth Neural Networks as Depthwise Stochastic Processes Mufan (Bill) Li Princeton
Thursday, January 25th, 2024 1:20pm - 2:30pm
3B Empirical Bayes When Estimation Precision Predicts Parameters Jiafeng Chen Harvard
Friday, January 26th, 2024 1:20pm - 2:30pm 3A Quasi-Bayes in Latent Variable Models Sid Kankanala Yale 
Thursday, February 1st, 2024 1:20pm - 2:30pm

Advancing prediction for informed decisions

(See here for paper 1, and here for paper 2.)

Dogyoon Song Michigan
CANCELLED Friday, February 2nd, 2024 1:20pm - 2:30pm

CANCELLED Single Index Fréchet Regression

Satarupa Bhattacharjee Penn State
Monday, February 5th, 2024 1:20pm - 2:30pm
C25 Modeling Interference for Policy Evaluation in Stochastic Systems
Shuangning Li Harvard
Thursday, February 8th, 2024 1:20pm - 2:30pm

The Many Facets of Monte Carlo Methods: From Sampling Algorithms to Unbiased Estimators

(See here for paper 1, and here for paper 2.)

Guanyang Wang Stanford


Autumn 2023

Date Time Location Topic Speaker Institution
Thursday, September 28 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B

Accurate and scalable large-scale variational inference for mixed models.

Co-authors: Giacomo Zanella (Bocconi) and Max Goplerud (Pittsburgh)

Omiros Papaspiliopoulos Bocconi
Wednesday, October 4 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3SW

On Potential Exponential Computational Speed-Ups to Solving Dynamic Asset Pricing Models

Co-author: Jack Morgan

Eric Ghysels UNC Chapel Hill
Thursday, October 5 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B

Bayesian Pyramids: Identifiable Multilayer Discrete Latent Structure Models for Discrete Data

Yuqi Gu
Thursday, October 12 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B Network interventions to reduce hate speech on Twitter
Eaman Jahani
UC Berkeley
Thursday, October 19 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B

Some Insights in Nonparametric Conditional Independence Testing

See associated papers here and here

Matey Neykov
Thursday, October 26 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B Kernel Learning in Ridge Regression “Automatically” Yields Exact Low Rank Solution
Feng Ruan
Thursday, November 2 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B

Machine Learning Who to Nudge: Causal vs Predictive Targeting in a Field Experiment on Student Financial Aid Renewal

Jann Spiess
Stanford GSB
Thursday, November 9 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B

Cluster Robust Inference in Linear Regression Models with Many Covariates

Co-authors: Matias D. Cattaneo, Aibo Gong, and Whitney K. Newey

Michael Jansson
UC Berkeley
Thursday, November 16 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B Bespoke Realized Volatility: Tailored Measures of Risk for Volatility Prediction
Andrew Patton
Thursday, November 30 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B

Model-based Clustering using Non-parametric Hidden Markov Models

Elisabeth Gassiat
Thursday, December 7 1:20 p.m. –  2:30 p.m. Harper 3B Bounding Treatment Effects by Pooling Limited Information across Observations

Simon Lee