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Spring 2019

Date Time Location Topic Speaker Institution
Thursday, April 11 1:15–2:15 p.m.       
Some Large Sample Results for the Class of Regularized Estimators
Demian Pouzo University of California, Berkeley
Thursday, April 25 1:15–2:15 p.m. HC-3B 
Implied Stochastic Volatility Models Yacine Ait-Sahalia
Princeton University 
Thursday, May 2 1:15–2:15 p.m.
HC-3B Exploratory Analysis of Experimental Data: A Machine Learning Approach to Rich Outcome Data  Sendhil Mullainathan Chicago Booth 
Thursday, May 9 1:15–2:15 p.m. HC-3B Inference in Moment Inequality Models That Is Robust to Spurious Precision under Model Misspecification Donald Andrews  Yale University 
Tuesday, May 16 1:15–2:15 p.m.  HC-3B
Truncated latent gaussian copula model for zero-inflated data Irina Gaynanova Texas A&M University 
Thursday, May 23 1:15–2:15 p.m. HC-3B Adaptive Minimax Testing in Instrumental Variables Models Xiaohong Chen Yale University 
Thursday, May 30 1:15–2:15 p.m. HC-3B Granular Instrumental Variables Ralph S.J. Koijen Chicago Booth 
Thursday, June 6 1:15–2:15 p.m. HC-3B Social network dependence, the replication crisis, and (in)valid inference (paper 1 and paper 2 Elizabeth L. Ogburn Johns Hopkins