Our EMBA Program graduates report increased confidence in their ability to navigate ambiguity, lead teams, and solve any business problem.

Your Booth experience will strengthen your analytical skills, foster a flexible mindset, and empower you to think strategically about your career at every step of the way.

You’ll enjoy lifelong access to global industry expertise, individualized coaching, and leadership and career support. All of our EMBA career and leadership programs are tailored to meet the needs of executive‐level professionals with unique aspirations, capabilities, and perspectives.

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“The Global Career and Leadership Development (GCLD) team at Chicago Booth provides leadership coaching and career expertise to support students throughout their program. I set up bi-weekly calls with a coach on the Booth team. These sessions gave me the confidence to explore opportunities in areas beyond my professional expertise and consider jobs that could be potential ‘career pivots.’”

— Atri Sen, Executive MBA Student, Chicago

Global Career and Leadership Development

Career and leadership development are woven together throughout your MBA experience at Booth. Our Global Career and Leadership Development (GCLD) team oversees the required Leadership Exploration and Development course (LEAD) as well as optional programs designed to help you become a better leader, which in turn will advance your career.

Specifically designed for executive-level students, the GCLD team’s offerings combine classroom experiences with skill-building workshops, personalized coaching, curated discussions with alumni, and career support. Our global approach builds your cultural competency and prepares you to adapt your leadership skills to new challenges.

Welcome to LEAD

Welcome to LEAD

Leadership Exploration and Development, or LEAD, is a required course for all Chicago Booth MBA students. Within the Executive MBA program, LEAD is a series of integrated career and executive-level leadership experiences designed to augment your classroom learning with action and insight skills. Combining workshops, networking opportunities, industry insight discussions, and one-on-one coaching, LEAD helps you build self-awareness as a leader and integrate those insights into an intentional, lifelong process of leadership development.

Built on leadership principles articulated by Harry L. Davis, Roger L. and Rachel M. Goetz Distinguished Service Professor of Creative Management at Booth, LEAD was one of the first experiential MBA leadership development courses at a major business school.

LEAD and Global Career and Leadership Development programming combine required components—designed to provide a foundation for any professional challenge—with the flexibility to customize some elements to meet your growth and development needs. The program has three components:

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Executive Marketplace Knowledge

Dive deep into a particular industry or region, or explore a new interest. Panel discussions, industry roundtables, and small-group workshops with industry leaders and Booth experts build your understanding of the executive marketplace and prepare you to advance in your career.

Executive Marketplace Knowledge
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Executive Leadership Skills

This workshop series is designed to expand your leadership capacity through experimentation, practice, and reinforcement. In small, interactive groups, you’ll work with peers and expert facilitators to explore real-world situations and build the interpersonal skills that are essential in the executive marketplace.

Executive Leadership Skills
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Executive Coaching

Define your professional goals and craft a plan to achieve them. As an EMBA student, you’ll have unlimited access to an executive coach who will help you optimize your leadership and career potential.

Executive Coaching

Global, Lifelong Career Support

Global, Lifelong Career Support

No matter which of our global campuses you choose, you’ll have lifelong access to a dedicated team of knowledgeable industry experts, advisors, and coaches who will support you at every step of your career journey. For example:

  • Our Employer Relations team partners with organizations across industries and locations to market Booth talent to employers and build awareness of the Booth brand.
  • Each year, we post more than 3,000 positions in our online job portal, more than 40 percent of them at the senior manager level or above.
  • Corporate partners often turn to Booth when seeking new talent. Our resume database can open the door to new opportunities.
  • Whether you’re polishing your CV for that next-level position, negotiating a compensation increase, or preparing to make your case for a promotion, our coaches work with you one-on-one to prepare you for success.
  • Our web-based databases and self-assessment tools help you research industries, companies, and contacts. Our coaches can help guide your research.
  • Our team hosts workshops on topics such as exploring industries and job functions, strategically building your network, and positioning your experiences so that employers understand your aspirations and talents.

Leverage Your Booth Network

Throughout your Booth experience, the GCLD team will support your career and leadership development through a variety of co-curricular opportunities that empower you to define your goals, generate new insights, and prepare for lifelong learning from experience. For example:

  • Leadership Tune-Ins are short, interactive programs that offer peer coaching and other content.
  • Study group support optimizes the value of your study group experience.
  • Industry Insight Circles connect you with leaders in your field.
  • Our Distinguished Executives-in-Residence program gives you access to mentoring and coaching from senior-level alumni around the world.
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