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Markets change. The fundamentals of business do not.

That’s why we believe in a multidisciplinary approach to an MBA education. Our empowering curriculum is also rooted in the fundamentals of business: accounting, economics, psychology, sociology, and statistics. We've designed it for leaders in any career, in every industry, anywhere in the world.

By gaining a firm grounding in these disciplinary areas, you’ll graduate with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to lead when facing ambiguity, solve any business problem you face, and bring your boldest ideas to life.

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The Executive MBA Curriculum

All of our MBA programs offer the same transformative education. Executive MBA students go through the program together in a logical progression that prepares them to generate new business insights and create game-changing action in the workplace.
Explore the Executive MBA Curriculum

Flexible Curriculum.
The World’s Best Faculty.
A Winning Combination.

The Booth MBA gives you the freedom to tailor your Full-Time MBA or Evening MBA and Weekend MBA courses to fit your experience, interests, and career goals. With the world’s best faculty, whichever direction you take, you’ll emerge transformed.

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Forge Your Own Path

Swing for the fences—we’ve got your back. We offer more than 100 elective MBA classes that are designed to spark your curiosity, inspire you to think big, and prepare you to lead.

Forge Your Own Path
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Expand Your Options

As a Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, or Weekend MBA student, you can choose to take courses across Booth programs, and in other areas across the University of Chicago.

Expand Your Options
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Learn from—and with—the Best

Our faculty have the freedom to develop new, innovative courses and to teach their classes in the style they want. No matter which MBA program you choose, you’ll learn from the same world-class faculty alongside classmates who will challenge you to excel.

Learn from—and with—the Best
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Engage in Lifelong Learning

You may also take up to 300 units of credit for free after graduation. As you are promoted or change careers, these courses allow you to brush up on a topic that interests you.

Engage in Lifelong Learning
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“At Chicago Booth, we teach students how to think. How to deal with ambiguity. How to reason. How to make decisions and implement them. How to bring others along, and guide organizations to better outcomes. In short, we teach them how to become leaders.”
—Madhav Rajan, Dean and George Pratt Shultz Professor of Accounting

We Are the Destination for Leadership Development

Leadership development is woven throughout your Booth experience. Our flexible curriculum empowers you to make your own choices and navigate your own path, while courses and experiences build your problem-solving and leadership skills. It’s an approach that prepares you to make bold decisions and lead with confidence.

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Learn to Lead

Prepare to guide people and organizations to better outcomes. Your growth as a leader is central to your Chicago Booth MBA experience.

Learn to Lead

Our MBA Curriculum

Here’s how the curriculum comes together for Full-Time MBA, Evening MBA, and Weekend MBA students. The Executive MBA Program follows the same curriculum but in a slightly different format.


Begin your MBA journey with LEAD, a hands-on, experiential program designed to build your skills in negotiation, team building, interpersonal communication, and other key management areas. LEAD is the only required component in our curriculum.

Qualified Work Experience

To complement your MBA journey, Full-Time MBA students participate in a hands-on, professional internship experience designed to put your skills into action in a work setting.

Foundations: Three Foundation Areas

Choose one course from each category, selecting the options that best complement your previous education and professional experience.

Functions, Leadership & Management, and the Business Environment: Seven Courses

A great deal of flexibility exists under this grouping of courses. Here, you’ll choose from among basic and advanced courses, building your MBA tool kit with courses in business functions, management, and the business environment in which firms operate. Choose one course from seven of the following eight categories:


Leadership & Management

Business Environment

Electives: 10 Courses

Electives give you the chance to delve further into specific areas of interest. You’ll have maximum flexibility in choosing your 10 electives: focus them in specific disciplines and work toward concentrations in those areas, or choose broadly across the Booth curriculum and even the university, including the University of Chicago Law School and Harris School of Public Policy. You can take up to six courses outside Booth.

Browse MBA Courses at Booth

Search the Chicago Booth portal for course descriptions and course schedules.

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Customize Your MBA

Choose from 14 concentrations and develop a deeper knowledge in the areas of business that most interest you. Some of our concentrations are STEM eligible.

Customize Your MBA

STEM Eligibility

The Chicago Booth MBA degree is designated STEM-eligible for Optional Practical Training (OPT) purposes. International graduates on F-1 student visas who earn a Chicago Booth MBA may be eligible to apply for an additional 24 months of training through work experience.

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