The leadership and management skills acquired through Booth’s MBA program are complemented by rigorous theory, programming, and applications knowledge learned through the University of Chicago’s Department of Computer Science and its Masters Program in Computer Science.

Photo of Sergey Yun in front of a gray wall

Sergey Yun, ’18, MBA/MPCS

A hybrid of business and technology, the MBA/MPCS joint degree experience has given Yun the tools to analyze any business situation from its technical roots to business strategies.

Program Structure

In order to earn a dual MBA and computer science degree, students complete 14 Booth-only courses (+LEAD) and seven to nine MPCS-only courses. This program can be completed in two years if the student passes placement exams and avoids having to take the two prerequisite immersion classes; however, if the two immersion classes need to be taken, the student should realistically budget 2.5 years to complete the program and avoid heavy course loads each quarter.


Tuition for Full-Time MBA students pursuing the Joint MBA/MPCS Program will be assessed through Chicago Booth at a flat rate for six quarters of enrollment. Pricing will differ from Booth's standard Full-Time MBA Program and final tuition amounts are made available in the spring. Tuition for Part-Time MBA students will be assessed at a per course rate in each quarter. If a student in either program takes more than 2200 units, they will be assessed the per course rate for any additional units.

Booth Courses

Courses for MPCS

Admissions Process

Only candidates admitted to Chicago Booth's Full-Time, Evening, or Weekend MBA Programs may apply to the MPCS joint degree. Admissions decisions for each program are made independently and a separate application is required. Application details and timing will be made available upon admission to Booth. MPCS decisions for applicants will be communicated prior to Chicago Booth decision deadlines. Additional information can be found on the Joint MBA/MPCS Program page on the MPCS website and questions regarding the MPCS admissions process should be directed to the Masters Program in Computer Science.

Eligibility Requirements: Students admitted to Booth’s Full-Time MBA Program who wish to do the joint degree with MPCS must be admitted to and begin both programs in the same academic year. Full-Time Booth students who have already started their MBA are not eligible for the joint degree. Students in Booth’s Evening and Weekend MBA Programs who wish to do the joint degree with MPCS must be admitted to and begin the MPCS Program before passing the halfway point of their Booth MBA Program. No more than 1000 units of Chicago Booth credit may be completed prior to admission and enrollment in the joint program (which includes enrollment in computer science immersion coursework, if applicable). A Booth Evening or Weekend MBA student who has completed more than 1000 units is not eligible for the joint degree. MPCS students who wish to undertake the joint degree with Booth must be admitted to and begin the MBA portion of the joint degree before completing 400 units of MPCS course credit. (MPCS immersion courses are prerequisite courses and are not included in the 400 units of MPCS course credit.) An MPCS student registered in 500 units or more is not eligible for the joint degree. Current MPCS students are eligible for Booth's Evening or Weekend MBA Programs only based on the above stated criteria.

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