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Part-Time MBA Tuition and Fees

2024–25 Academic Year (Summer 2024-Spring 2025)

2024–25 Tuition per 100 Unit Course $8,420
One-Time Administrative Service Fee $1,400
One-Time Student Activity Fee $500
One-Time Lifetime Transcript Fee $78

*Tuition rates are in effect Summer 2024 through Spring 2025, and new tuition rates are typically published at the end of April. Your tuition is locked at the rate of the quarter in which you matriculate for four consecutive years. Tuition is charged for the required 2000 units of course credit. After your 2000 units are completed, you have the option to take 200 additional units for which you will not have to pay tuition.
**Fees are subject to change on the basis of your entry quarter and year.

Please note that in addition to the tuition and fees above, the following indirect costs are part of the Financial Aid Cost of Attendance (COA). The COA is used in establishing financial aid and loan eligibility. These are aggregate estimates calculated by surveying our students and are not fees owed to the school.

Per Quarter COA components for indirect costs:

Books and Course Materials  $55 per course
Housing and Food  $8,670
Misc. Personal Expenses  $750
Transportation  $600

Payment Timeline

Tuition bills are generated before the start of each quarter and are due when the quarter begins. This amount is determined by your course enrollment for that given quarter. For additional details regarding the timelines for tuition payment, please visit the Office of the Bursar website.

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