• Economic Policy Principles for Combatting the COVID-19 Crisis 
    Chicago Booth Review explores how the current situation is unprecedented and how to determine which policies should be deployed or avoided.  Read More »
  • Your Voice May Be More Valuable Thank You Think
    Research by Nicholas Epley, John Templeton Keller Professor of Behavioral Science and Neubauer Family Faculty Fellow, inspires this video series about the irreplaceable effects of spoken interaction.  Learn More »
  • Prescribing and Personalizing Whole-Person Care at NowPow
    Dr. Stacy Tessler Lindau, AM '02, and Rachel Kohler, '89, began as a two-woman team before growing NowPow into a 90-person startup.  Read How »
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Alumni to Know
  • Teck Liang Beng

    The Straits Times featured CEO Teck Liang Beng, ’03 (AXP-2), in a profile about the growth of his healthcare company, Singapore Medical Group.

  • Cheryl Walker McGill

    The Federation of State Medical Boards has elected Cheryl Walker-McGill, ’96 (XP-65), as chair of its board of directors.

  • Leslie Fenton

    Leslie Fenton, ’82, has joined Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. as a managing director of the newly formed Financial Institutions Groups.

  • Scott Rockfeld

    Scott Rockfeld, ’01, recently launched Sports Stars LLC, a Seattle-based book publisher that introduces astronomy to kids through sports.

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