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In this workshop, advanced topics in finance are discussed in detail and finance research topics are presented. Faculty from other universities are invited to speak at the seminar.

For information concerning the Finance Workshop, please contact email Jennifer Williams or call her at 773.702.5530. When possible, links to the workshop papers are posted to this page for printing. Occasionally, speakers opt not to circulate their papers. Therefore, the link will be unavailable.

Due to COVID-19, we have decided in accordance with university guidance and for the safety of our community to hold the finance workshop through an online video conference only. We will send out the link in the email announcements.

Spring 2021

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution

Tues, Mar 30      

1:20–2:50 p.m. Are Stated Expectations Actual Beliefs? New Evidence for the Beliefs Channel of Investment Demand Christopher Palmer MIT Sloan
Tues, Apr 6 1:20–2:50 p.m. Banking without Deposits: Evidence from Shadow Bank Call Reports Gregor Matvos Northwestern Kellogg
Tues, Apr 13 1:20–2:50 p.m. Recovering Investor Expectations from Demand for Index Funds Mark Egan HBS
Tues, Apr 20 1:20–2:50 p.m. How Do Private Equity Fees Vary Across Public Pensions? Juliane Begenau Stanford
Tues, Apr 27 1:20–2:50 p.m. Technological Innovation and Labor Income Risk
Lawrence Schmidt MIT Sloan
Tues, May 4 1:30–3:00 p.m. Taxes Depress Corporate Borrowing: Evidence from Private Firms Toni Whited Michigan Ross
Tues, May 11 1:20–2:50 p.m. Restructuring vs. Bankruptcy
Jason Donaldson WUSTL
Tues, May 18 1:20–2:50 p.m. Potential Capital Janice Eberly Northwestern Kellogg
Tues, May 25 1:20–2:50 p.m.   Nicola Gennaioli Bocconi
Tues, Jun 1 1:20–2:50 p.m. Household Portfolios and Retirement Saving Over the Life Cycle Jonathan Parker MIT

Winter 2021

Date Time Topic Speaker Institution

Tues, Jan 12      

1:20–2:50 p.m. NO WORKSHOP  
Tues, Jan 19 1:20–2:50 p.m. Student Loans and Social Mobility Mehran Ebrahimian Wharton
Tues, Jan 26 1:20–2:50 p.m. NO WORKSHOP    
Tues, Feb 2 1:20–2:50 p.m. A Macro-Finance Model with Sentiment Peter Maxted Harvard
Tues, Feb 9 1:20–2:50 p.m. The Corporate Supply of (Quasi) Safe Assets Lira Mota Columbia
Tues, Feb 16 1:20–2:50 p.m. NO WORKSHOP

Tues, Feb 23 1:20–2:50 p.m. Sentiment and Speculation in a Market with Heterogeneous Beliefs Ian Martin LSE
Tues, Mar 2 1:20–2:50 p.m. Posthumous defense/proposal of Yiran Fan

Tues, Mar 9 1:20–2:50 p.m. Limit Order Markets under Asymmetric Information Ayan Bhattacharya Chicago Booth
Tues, Mar 16 1:20–2:50 p.m. A Model of Endogenous Risk Intolerance and LSAPs: Asset Prices and Aggregate Demand in a "Covid-19" Shock

Monetary Policy and Asset Price Overshooting: A Rationale for the Wall/Main Street Disconnect
Alp Simsek Chicago Booth