In this workshop, advanced topics in finance are discussed in detail and finance research topics are presented. Faculty from other universities are invited to speak.

The workshop will be held in dual modality.  Workshop papers will be posted below when available. Occassionally speakers will choose not to circulate their papers. In such cases, the link will be unavailable.

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Spring 2023

Date Time Room Topic Speaker Institution

Tues, Mar 21

1:20–2:50 p.m. C03  Financial and Total Wealth Inequality with Declining Interest Rates Hanno Lustig Stanford
Tues, Mar 28 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03  Why Are Returns to Private Business Wealth So Dispersed? Corina Boar MN Fed
Tues, Apr 4 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03  Investor Memory and Biased Beliefs: Evidence from the Field Cameron Peng LSE
Tues, Apr 11 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03   Laura Veldkamp Columbia
Tues, Apr 18 1:20–2:50 p.m.
C03   Erica Jiang Chicago Booth
Tues, Apr 25 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03   Wei Xiong Princeton
Tues, May 2 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03   John Campbell Harvard
Tues, May 9 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03   Anna Cieslak Duke
Tues, May 16 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03  Model-free and Model-based Learning as Joint Drivers of Investor Behavior Nicholas Barberis Yale
Tues, May 23 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03   Tarun Ramadorai Imperial
Tues, May 30 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03   Stefano Giglio Yale

Winter 2023

Date Time Room Topic Speaker Institution

Tues, Jan 10

1:20–2:50 p.m. C03  Who values democracy?  Maxwell Miller  Wharton
Tues, Jan 17 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03  Local Human Capital and Firm Creation: Evidence from the Massification of Higher Education in France  Elio Nimier-David  CREST (ENSAE-Ecole Polytechnique)
Tues, Jan 24 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03  How Competition Shapes Information in Auctions  Agathe Pernoud  Stanford
Tues, Jan 31 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03  Intermediary Frictions and the Corporate Credit Cycle: Evidence From CLOs  Quirin Fleckenstein  NYU Stern
Tues, Feb 7 1:20–2:50 p.m. C03  Regulatory Competition in the US Life Insurance Industry  Johnny Tang  Harvard
Tues, Feb 14 1:20–2:50 p.m.
Tues, Feb 21 1:20–2:50 p.m.
C03 The Costs of Hedging Disaster Risk and Home Prices in the Face of Climate Change  Shan Ge  NYU Stern
Tues, Feb 28 1:20–2:50 p.m.
C03 Funding Black High-Growth Startups  Emmanuel Yimfor Michigan Ross
Tues, Mar 7 1:20–2:50 p.m.

Fall 2022

Date Time Room Topic Speaker Institution

Tues, Sep 20

1:20–2:50 p.m.  Saieh
Do Subjective Growth Expectations Matter for Asset Prices?
Aditya Chaudhry  Finance PhD student
Tues, Sep 27 1:20–2:50 p.m.  C03 Banking on Racial Inequality
Agustin Hurtado  Finance PhD student
Tues, Oct 4 1:20–2:50 p.m.  C03 Government Financial Constraint and Local Fiscal Multiplier in China
Yang Su  Finance PhD student
Tues, Oct 11 1:20–2:50 p.m.  C03 Additive Growth Thomas Philippon  NYU Stern
Tues, Oct 18 1:20–2:50 p.m.  C03 The Impact of Social Insurance on Household Debt
Sasha Indarte  Wharton
Tues, Oct 25 1:20–2:50 p.m.  C03 "Potential" and the Gender Promotion Gap Kelly Shue  Yale
Tues, Nov 1  1:20–2:50 p.m.
 C03 Whatever it takes? The impact of conditional policy promises
Valentin Haddad UCLA
Tues, Nov 8 1:20–2:50 p.m.  C03 NO WORKSHOP    
Tues, Nov 15 1:20–2:50 p.m.
 C03 Reserve Demand and Quantitative Tightening
Annette Vissing-Jorgensen  Federal Reserve Board
Tues, Nov 22 1:20–2:50 p.m.
Tues, Nov 29 1:20–2:50 p.m.
 C03 The Determinants of Bank Liquid Asset Holdings René Stulz  Ohio State
Tues. Dec 6 1:20–2:50 p.m.  C03 Venture Capital (Mis)Allocation in the Age of AI
Victor Lyonnet  Ohio State
Tues. Dec 13 1:20–2:50 p.m.  C03 Internationalizing Like China Jesse Schreger  Columbia Business School