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Program Structure

To earn a dual MBA/MD degree, students complete 1400 units of Booth-only course credit (+LEAD) and required coursework at the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine over a five-year period. Students complete their first two years of residency in the medical school. Students are encouraged to complete their first two years of medical school prior to applying.

During their third year at the medical school, they complete their clerkship/rotations during all four quarters. During their fourth year, students spend Summer Quarter at the medical school and Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters at Chicago Booth, where they typically complete 1200 units of course credit plus LEAD. Their final year consists of a business internship in the Summer Quarter followed by their remaining quarters spent in the medical school, where they incorporate their remaining 200 units of course credit at Chicago Booth to complete the joint-degree requirements.

Summer Autumn Winter Summer
Year 1 MD MD MD MD
Year 2 MD MD MD MD
Year 3 MD (Clerkship/Rotations) MD (Clerkship/Rotations) MD (Clerkship/Rotations) MD (Clerkship/Rotations)
Year 4 MD --- --- ---
Year 1 (Chicago Booth) --- Booth Booth Booth
Year 4 (MD)/Year 2 (Chicago Booth) Booth internship MD* MD* MD* (Post-MED)

*Students must remain in MD residency all year to qualify for malpractice insurance


The school determines the tuition charges. Students will be obligated to pay tuition equal to the amount of 4 quarters of Booth tuition. This amount is charged across three equal, quarterly installments during the year in Booth residency. The School of Medicine charges tuition at a flat rate, regardless of how many courses are taken.

Booth Courses

Courses for the Medical School

To learn more about the curriculum requirements and structure of the medical degree, students should visit the Pritzker School of Medicine’s website or email Pritzker's admissions office.

Admissions Process

Students are encouraged to complete their first two years of medical school prior to applying to this joint-degree program.  If interested in pursuing the MBA/MD, current students should reach out to Dr. Jim Woodruff, associate dean of students at the Pritzker School of Medicine. Prospective students should contact the Pritzker Admissions office to learn more about exploring their MBA/MD degree options.
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