Candidates from other dissertation areas will be added in Autumn. Please email Malaina Brown about our job market candidates. For our Finance and Joint Program in Financial Economics candidates, please email Zhiguo He

We also invite you to review job market candidates at the University of Chicago’s Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics.


Student Job Market Paper Dissertation Chair(s) Research Interests Contact Info
Akshina Banerjee "The Language That Drives Engagement: A Systematic Large-scale Analysis of Headline Experiments"
Oleg Urminsky
Impact of Linguistic cues on Consumer Decision-Making, Natural Language Processing, Hierarchical Choices, Consumer Behavior
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Xinyao Kong "Consumer Forward Looking and Interest Rate Pass Through in Financed Vehicle Purchases"
Jean-Pierre Dubé
Quantitative Marketing, Dynamic Pricing, Brands and Branding, Econometric Methods
Xinyao's Website
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Alexander Moore "Searching for Value: Optimal and Heuristic Consumer Search"
Daniel Bartels and Reid Hastie
Consumer Search, Judgment and Decision Making, Consideration Sets, Moral Psychology
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Yuji Winet "Ending on a Familiar Note: Perceived Endings Motivate Repeat Consumption"
Ed O'Brien
Consumer Behavior, Variety Seeking, Social Influence, Judgment and Decision Making
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