Please email Malaina Brown about our job market candidates. For our Finance and Joint Program in Financial Economics candidates, please email Zhiguo He

We also invite you to review job market candidates at the University of Chicago’s Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics.


Student Job Market Paper Dissertation Chair(s) Research Interests Contact Info
June Huang "The Politics of CSR Activity: Evidence from Press Releases"
Christian Leuz
Relationships between Firms and Government, Corporate Social Responsibility, Financial and Non-Financial Disclosure
June's Website
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Kalash Jain "Processing Industry Classification" Philip Berger
Information Processing Frictions in the Capital Markets, Financial Statement Analysis, Empirical Asset Pricing Kalash's Website
Kalash's CV
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Sinja Leonelli "Minority Whistleblowers: Evidence from the LGBTQ+ Community"
Hans Christensen
Misconduct, Regulation, Enforcement, ESG
Sinja's Website
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Behavioral Science

Student Job Market Paper Dissertation Chair(s) Research Interests Contact Info
Cintia Hinojosa "Critical narratives counter psychological and structural barriers to equity"
Jane Risen & Christopher Bryan Value-Based Behavioral Interventions, Racial Equity Narratives, Health and Social Policy, Youth Participatory Action Research
Cintia's Website
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David Munguia Gomez "The Policy–People Gap: Decision-Makers Choose Policies That Favor Different Applicants than They Select When Making Individual Decisions"
Emma Levine Merit, Advantage and Disadvantage, Ethics, Judgment and Decision Making
David's Website
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Kristina Wald "Ignorance can be trustworthy: The effect of social self-awareness on trust"
Shereen Chaudhry
Impression Management, Social Judgment, Communication, Trust
Kristina's Website
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Econometrics & Statistics

Student Job Market Paper Dissertation Chair(s) Research Interests Contact Info
Rui Da "Market Efficiency with Many Investors"
Zhiguo He & Dacheng Xiu Asset Pricing, Econometrics, Machine Learning
Rui's Website
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Yuexi Wang "Adversarial Bayesian Simulation"
Nicholas Polson & Veronika Rockova
Deep Learning, Approximate Bayesian Inference, Machine Learning, Bayesian Nonparametrics
Yuexi's Website
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Student Job Market Paper Dissertation Chair(s) Research Interests Contact Info
William Cassidy "Elections Have Consequences: The Impact of Political Agency on Climate Policy and Asset Prices"
Lubos Pastor
Political Economy, Asset Pricing, Climate Finance
Will's Website
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Aditya Chaudhry "Do Subjective Growth Expectations Matter for Asset Prices?"
Ralph Koijen & Stefan Nagel
Asset Pricing, Macrofinance
Aditya's Website
Aditya's CV
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Agustin Hurtado "The Effect of Minority Bank Ownership on Minority Credit"
Raghuram Rajan & Luigi Zingales
Corporate, Entrepreneurial, Household Finance
Agustin's Website
Agustin's CV
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Seongjin Park "Flexible Rent Setting and Rental Income"
Amir Sufi
Household Finance, Housing Markets, Political Economy, and Macroeconomics
Seongjin's Website
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Yang Su "Local Government Financial Constraint and Spending Multiplier in China"
Zhiguo He
Public Finance, Real Estate, Banking, Chinese Financial Markets
Yang's Website
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Nishant Vats "Safety Nets, Credit, and Investment: Evidence from a Guaranteed Income Program"
Raghuram Rajan & Amir Sufi
Finance and Development, Corporate Finance, Financial Intermediation
Nishant's Website
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Joint Program in Financial Economics

Student Job Market Paper Dissertation Chair(s) Research Interests Contact Info
Xindi He "Non-Fungible Cash in the Stock Market"
Lubos Pastor
Asset Pricing, Behavioral Finance, Macro-Finance
Xindi's Website
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Fulin Li "Retail Trading and Asset Prices: The Role of Changing Social Dynamics"
Ralph Koijen & Stefan Nagel
Asset Pricing, Macroeconomics
Fulin's Website
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Management Science/Operations Management

Student Job Market Paper Dissertation Chair(s) Research Interests Contact Info
Tahsin (Deniz) Akturk "Managing Resources for Shared Micromobility: Approximate Optimality in Large-Scale Systems"
Ozan Candogan & Varun Gupta
Service Systems, Inventory Management, Networks, Stochastic Systems
Deniz's Website
Deniz's CV
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Zuguang Gao "Aggregating Distributed Energy Resources: Efficiency and Market Power"
John Birge & Varun Gupta
Sustainable Operations, Power/Energy Systems, Electricity Market, Environmental Policy
Zuguang's Website
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Lisa Hillas "Designing Service Menus for Bipartite Queueing Systems"
Rene Caldentey & Varun Gupta
Queueing, Game Theory, Fairness
Lisa's Website
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Cagla Keceli "Thompson Sampling for Infinite-Horizon Discounted Decision Processes"
Dan Adelman
Decision Processes, Optimization, Statistical Learning, Healthcare Analytics
Cagla's CV
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Gorkem Unlu "Instability and Stability of Parameter Agnostic Policies in Parallel Server Systems"
Yuan Zhong
Stochastic Systems, Statistical Learning, Optimization
Gorkem's Website
Gorkem's CV
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Yueyang Zhong "Behavior-Aware Queueing: When Strategic Customers Meet Strategic Servers"
Amy Ward
Stochastic Modeling, Service Operations Management, Behavioral Queueing, Learning in Queues
Yueyang's Website
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Student Job Market Paper Dissertation Chair(s) Research Interests Contact Info
Akshina Banerjee "The Language That Drives Engagement: A Systematic Large-scale Analysis of Headline Experiments"
Oleg Urminsky
Impact of Linguistic cues on Consumer Decision-Making, Natural Language Processing, Hierarchical Choices, Consumer Behavior
Akshina's Website
Akshina's CV
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Xinyao Kong "Consumer Forward Looking and Interest Rate Pass Through in Financed Vehicle Purchases"
Jean-Pierre Dubé
Quantitative Marketing, Dynamic Pricing, Brands and Branding, Econometric Methods
Xinyao's Website
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Alexander Moore "Searching for Value: Optimal and Heuristic Consumer Search"
Daniel Bartels & Reid Hastie
Consumer Search, Judgment and Decision Making, Consideration Sets, Moral Psychology
Alex's Website
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Yuji Winet "Ending on a Familiar Note: Perceived Endings Motivate Repeat Consumption"
Ed O'Brien
Consumer Behavior, Variety Seeking, Social Influence, Judgment and Decision Making
Yuji's Website
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