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Starting your career can be challenging, even for students who have excelled throughout their academic careers.

The good news is that employers in all industries value high-potential candidates who pair analytical acumen, critical thinking, and communication skills with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of management.

Whatever your professional goals—from working in industries such as healthcare, media, technology, consumer products, or finance, to positions which value business skills in nonprofits, arts, startups, and other sectors—Booth’s Master in Management Program provides you with the essential professional development, career-specific education, and career support you need to enter a new field and excel in any workplace.

Accelerate Your Professional Development

A strong foundation in communication skills, teamwork and adaptability, relationship building, research, job search skills, giving and receiving feedback, and other professional skills will set you up for success from the start of your career.

You’ll begin to hone these skills and others in Boothcamp. It is an immersive, two-week experience full of career and professional development training.

The 10-week Succeeding in the Workplace course builds on your Boothcamp activities, allowing you to build additional skills to position you to thrive in a professional environment. Learn more about these professional development resources below.


Are you interested in identifying compelling career paths that align with your intellectual interests and passions? During Boothcamp, you will participate in hands-on programming to develop your career goals, define your job search strategy, build essential skills to execute a job search, and more.

Boothcamp kicks off your Master in Management experience in August before the start of your first quarter. It also prepares you for your coursework. Boothcamp includes basic accounting, business, statistics, and economic terms and concepts you need to succeed and hit the classroom running.

Succeeding in the Workplace

With our Succeeding in the Workplace course, you learn the fundamentals of professional success from the very start of your time at Booth. This 10-week cocurricular course starts during Boothcamp and runs into Autumn Quarter. It covers three areas, each of which is essential to launching and managing a successful career:

  • Career exploration
  • Job search strategy and skills
  • Self-awareness and interpersonal knowledge

For more information about Boothcamp and Succeeding in the Workplace, visit Academic Experience and Curriculum.

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Map Your Educational Experience to the Career You Want

What can you do with a masters in management degree? No matter your academic background—from history to biology to anything in between—you can leverage your Master in Management degree for a career in a broad array of industries.

We have developed five areas of specialization to help guide you in creating the career you want after you graduate. Within each specialization, we have developed career tracks that include course maps you can follow to select the courses you need to set yourself up for success in your chosen industry once you graduate.

Working with your academic advisors and our career support team, you’ll identify how best to leverage your specialization and career tracks. And these career tracks and course maps are flexible, not prescriptive, so you can perfectly tailor your academic experience to meet your goals.

We’ve created them to provide you with a helpful framework and assist you in focusing your studies, so that you are well positioned for the many rewarding and exciting career paths available to those with a masters degree in management.

Charting Your Master in Management Career Paths

Career Tracks
Representative Roles
Analytics Analytics Data Analytics
Healthcare Analytics
Business analyst
Healthcare analyst
Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship
Starting Your Own Business
Innovating in the Workplace
Founding/working at startup
Business development
Finance Finance
Investment Management
Finance in a Company
Investment and Markets
Corporate financial analyst
Equity or trading analyst
Marketing Marketing Product Management
Marketing Analytics
Product manager
Account manager
Marketing analyst
Strategic Management Strategic Management
General Management
Sales/marketing analyst
Strategy consultant
Business operations analyst

Want to learn all about our Career Tracks? Review in detail on Academic Experience and Curriculum.

Career Support

Beginning in the late spring prior to matriculation, you will have access to resources for career exploration including self-assessment tools, overviews of common Master in Management career paths, and resources to begin preparing your portfolio of professional marketing materials, such as your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Later in the summer and into the fall, you will receive more support for developing your job search strategy, networking with potential employers, conducting research, applying for roles, and interviewing.

Throughout your time in the Master in Management Program, you will be able to meet Booth alumni and employers to learn more about the range of opportunities available to program graduates. You will also have access to other engagement opportunities available through UChicagoGRAD

“I am really excited about this program because it will allow talented students with a broad array of academic backgrounds to quickly learn and master the fundamentals of business with the world-class faculty at Booth. Employers will value their breadth of undergraduate academic backgrounds, and will also know the students will come to them with a solid understanding of finance, accounting, marketing, and business strategy.”

— Phil Canfield, ’96, CEO of Ariet Capital and the Chair of the Council on Chicago Booth

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