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Through a curriculum spanning two world-leading institutions and faculties, students expand their views and approaches to research and memoranda, study the reciprocal relationship between the legal system and business, and gain skills and savvy to serve as key leaders and advisers.

The dual degree in law and business prepares graduates for successful careers in business, in law, or in the increasingly complex global environments that straddle both fields. The joint JD/MBA Program is an offering of the University of Chicago Law School and Chicago Booth.

Current undergraduate students in their final year of study can apply to the JD/MBA Program through UChicago’s JD/MBA Scholars Program. Upon acceptance, students defer admission for two to four years, in order to gain substantive work experience prior to matriculating in the program. For more information, please review the FAQ section.

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The first step in joining our JD/MBA Program is to apply for admission.

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Choose Between an Accelerated Three-Year or Traditional Four-Year Structure

The accelerated JD/MBA program is intended to take three years to complete. During that time, students can leverage the vast resources of both programs to attain a course balance to meet their needs and goals. Students navigate the program by taking 1400 units of required Booth coursework (+LEAD) and 105 credit hours of required coursework at UChicago Law. Included within the 1400 units of Booth coursework are 500 required units of specific Law courses, taught by Booth faculty, covering essential business topics.

In the traditional joint JD/MBA program, students complete the same required Booth and UChicago Law coursework over a four-year period. However, students are not required to take the 500 units of specific Law courses taught by Booth faculty. Students complete their first year of residency at the Law School, followed by another year at UChicago Law, a year of residency at Booth, and a final year with one quarter at Booth and two quarters at the Law School.

Sample schedules are below, showing how students can pursue the each structure.

JD/MBA Program Sample Schedules

Three-year Structure

Academic Year Summer Term
Year 1 Three quarters of Law Courses
(+ Leadership Module)
Law or Business Internship | Two Booth Courses
Year 2 Three quarters of Booth and Law Courses
(+ Leadership Module)
Law or Business Internship
Year 3 Three quarters of Law Courses Graduate - Begin Full-Time Position


Four-year Structure

Autumn Winter Spring   Summer
Year 1 Law Law  Law  Law Internship
Year 2 Law* Law*  Law*  Law Internship
Year 3 Booth* Booth*  Booth*  Business-related Internship
Year 4 Booth** Law Law Graduate: Full-time position


* Students can choose to be in residency at Booth during the second or third year.

** Students select which final quarter to be in residence at Booth.

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“Through my MBA courses, I’m learning how my future clients approach problems, how they implement solutions, and how I can fill the gaps with a legal toolkit. I've always seen law and business as closely intertwined. Well-crafted contracts give parties the trust they need to transact. Without the law, business can’t move forward.”
—Dane Christensen, Current JD/MBA Student

Unparalleled JD/MBA Program Offerings

JD/MBA Program Events

Course Title Location Date
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Zoom In On Booth: Joint-Degree Programs 1v Admissions Admissions July 09, 2024 Register Now
Connect with a Booth Alum in Shanghai 0v Chan Ye Tea House Alumni Hosted July 01, 2024 Register Now
Top MBAs New York Event 0v Columbia Business School Admissions July 17, 2024 Register Now
Top MBAs DC Event 0v Darden DC Metro Executive Meeting Center Admissions July 18, 2024 Register Now

2024-25 Tuition and Cost of Attendance

There is a single tuition for the JD/MBA three-year program. The following annual costs are for three quarters (nine months). The tuition and fee components are owed directly to the University. The remaining components are estimates of costs students will face but are not owed to the school.

Tuition $122,823
Graduate Student Services Fee $1,452
Books, Course Materials, Supplies, and Equipment  $1,788
Housing and Food $19,593
Personal and Miscellaneous Expenses* $8,436
Transportation $2,671
Transcript Fee $78 (first year only)
Total $156,841

*Includes University rates for health insurance, which are to be determined. This number is estimated. All Booth and law students are required to have acceptable medical insurance coverage. Students do not have to join the University's plan if they provide evidence of comparable coverage under their own plan. You can find more information about the University's health insurance plan on the USHIP website.

Each school determines the annual tuition charges for the four-year JD/MBA. 

  • Students are in UChicago Law residence for eight quarters. The Law School charges tuition at a flat rate, regardless of how many courses are taken. 
  • Students are in Chicago Booth residence for at least four quarters. Chicago Booth charges four quarterly tuition installments as the full tuition obligation, regardless of how many courses are taken.

Admissions Process

Applicants interested in the three-year or four-year JD/MBA are encouraged to apply through our centralized, joint-application process. Applicants must apply in either Round One or Round Two*. Decisions will be released by the notification dates listed below.

*Current undergraduate students in their final year of study must apply in the UChicago JD/MBA Scholars application round.

If you have previously been admitted to the Booth Scholars Program, you must apply in either Round One or Round Two using the JD/MBA application and you will receive a decision based on the round notification date. Previously admitted Booth Scholars should apply in the cycle immediately prior to when you intend to matriculate (no earlier than the second year and no later than the fourth year of your deferral). 

For questions regarding the admissions process, please view our frequently asked questions or contact

Apply to the JD/MBA Program

Round Submission Deadline Decision Notification
One September 21, 2023 11:59 p.m. CST November 30, 2023
Two January 4, 2024 11:59 p.m. CST March 21, 2024
 UChicago JD/MBA Scholars    April 4, 2024 11:59 p.m. CST June 13, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions about the JD/MBA Joint-Degree Program