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Build Your Case for Support

Whether you plan to ask your employer to help fund your MBA or for the flexibility to pursue it, ask yourself these questions before approaching your employer:

  • How is the Executive MBA Program at Chicago Booth a unique fit for you? Will the course content help you address a business challenge? Does the school’s culture complement the culture at your company?
  • The Executive MBA Program at Chicago Booth has been designed to meet the needs of global business leaders. How will the skills you learn here benefit your company or industry specifically?
  • How will an MBA complement your background and career goals? Will it help you address a skill set required for your current position?
  • Gauge the level of support at your company. Have high-performing employees enrolled in part-time MBA programs in the past? If your company has an in-house training program, what are the benefits of pursuing an MBA instead?
  • Determine what to ask for. In addition to securing support for time away from work to attend class, will you also ask for funding support? If so, how much?
  • An effective tool for securing employer support is to offer something in return, such as taking on additional responsibilities, a lock-in period with the company, or a tuition repayment should you decide to leave. What are you prepared to offer?

Make Your Case

For detailed recommendations on making the case for employer support, see our business case for corporate sponsorship. The guide draws on the experiences of previous Executive MBA students who have secured sponsorship from their companies.
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