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Finance Faculty

Whether you’re an MBA or PhD student, or interested in Executive Education, there is no better business school in the world to study finance than Booth.

Our faculty have the freedom to incorporate emerging topics and their own research into the curriculum and the courses they teach. Classes such as Portfolio Management, for example, draw on recent research and current events to teach advanced material related to financial markets, focusing on topics most relevant to portfolio managers. Other classes such as The Fintech Revolution take a close look at technologies that are upending the financial sector, including block chain, virtual currencies, and smart contracts.

Discover more about our finance faculty, including the classes they teach, below.

Featured Research in Chicago Booth Review

Discover some of the latest research from our finance professors.

Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen

Research with Impact

Discover the life and work of two of our Nobel laureates, Eugene F. Fama and Lars Peter Hansen.

Research with Impact
Eugene Fama presenting in front of a projector screen full on numbers Placeholder

Eugene F. Fama

Fama received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his groundbreaking research on efficient markets. He shared the prize with Lars Peter Hansen and Robert J. Shiller.

Eugene F. Fama

Our MBA Concentrations in This Area

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Our finance curriculum is taught by the world’s leading finance scholars, with an unmatched legacy of award-winning research and innovation.


Our PhD Dissertation Areas in This Area



Explore your research interests in finance and work with faculty who set the agenda for research in the field.

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Finance Faculty in the News

‘Jury Is Still Out’ on Negative Rates, Ex-Indian Central Bank Chief Says
October 20, 2020 | CNBC
Booth’s Raghuram G. Rajan, a former governor of the Reserve Bank of India, suggested that central banks are now willing to tolerate more inflation for brief periods but would need to consider the extent to which various policies help or hurt the economy in the long run.

Every Day-Trader Dollar Is Worth Five in a New Theory on Stocks
September 26, 2020 | Bloomberg
Booth’s Ralph S. J. Koijen suggests institutional managers are largely insensitive to prices because their buying and selling is primarily driven by their mandates. That bestows disproportionately large influence to other investors, like retail funds.

Buy, Borrow, Steal: How Debt Became the ‘Sugar-Rush’ Solution to our Economic Woes
June 22, 2020 | NPR Hidden Brain
Booth’s Amir Sufi argues that the buildup of household debt is the single most important driver of severe recessions.

Partnering across the University of Chicago and Beyond

Our finance faculty contribute to and help lead organizations and initiatives both in and outside of the University of Chicago.

Lars Peter Hansen has a joint appointment with Booth and the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics at the University of Chicago. Ralph S. J. Koijen is coeditor of the Review of Financial Studies, a premier journal in the field.

Quite a few of our finance faculty members are affiliated scholars with the National Bureau of Economic Research, including George M. Constantinides, Samuel Hartzmark, Zhiguo He, John C. Heaton, Pietro Veronesi, and Eric Zwick, among many others. Raghuram G. Rajan is a member of the Group of Thirty, a collection of economic and financial leaders from the public and private sectors that aims to extend understanding of global economic and financial issues.

Research Spotlight

Discover some of the latest working papers and published papers from our finance faculty.

“How Does Credit Supply Expansion Affect the Real Economy? The Productive Capacity and Household Demand Channels”
Amir Sufi, with coauthors Atif Mian (Princeton University) and Emil Verner (MIT Sloan School of Management)

“The Spillovers from Easy Liquidity and the Implications for Multilateralism”
Raghuram G. Rajan and Douglas W. Diamond, with coauthor Yunzhi Hu (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

“Repercussions of Pandemics on Markets and Policy”
Lars Peter Hansen

Research Centers in This Area

Research centers across Booth and the University of Chicago are hubs for innovation and world-changing research. The centers provide our faculty with research support, and our faculty members lend their expertise to the centers, enriching the student experience and the broader academic community at Booth.