Job Source for Those Who Changed Employers Percent of Employed Students(1) Number of Employed Students(1)
School Facilitated 46.0% 80
Campus Recruiting 22.4.% 39
Booth Job Posting/Resume Referral Service (GTS)
10.9% 19
Internship Sourced through Booth Job Posting 4.6% 8
Alumni Contact
4.0% 7
Other Booth Source (e.g.Faculty/Staff/Student groups)  4.0% 7
Direct Contact with Company 54.0% 94
Organization Website / External Job Board 32.2% 56
Non-Booth Business Contact 8.6% 15
Executive Recruiter / Search Firm 4.0% 7
Organization Contacted Student Directly
4.0% 7
Personal/Family Contact 3.4% 6
Internship Sourced through External Job Posting 1.7% 3
All 100.0% 174
  1. Of the 394 graduates with positions reported, 174 secured a new position with a new employer. The data on this page is based on the responses of those 174 graduates.

Source for all data: 2022 Evening MBA and Weekend MBA Employment Report

About the Data

When Evening MBA and Weekend MBA students choose to leverage their MBA for a career change varies. To account for this, the report tracks career changes four months prior to and four months following graduation.

The 2022 Employment Report had a 99 percent response rate. Among respondents, 22 percent reported that they were not seeking a career change and stayed in their current position or left the workforce.

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