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Our deferred MBA students have shared that applying early to one of the most flexible MBA programs in the world gave them a jump start on accelerating their careers and allowed them freedom to explore their interests.

On top of a waived application fee, and the ability to pursue a variety of professional paths before attending Chicago Booth, here are five of the top reasons to apply to the Chicago Booth Scholars deferred MBA program during your final year of undergrad!

  1. Apply now, stress less later. The Chicago Booth Scholars deferred MBA program allows you to take on the MBA application process while you are still a student. That means you can write the application essays, tackle the standardized tests, and ask for letters of recommendation while you are still in student mode. This way, you can focus on getting the most out of your professional and personal experiences post-college, without worrying about the application process later on. 
  2. Flexibility in your professional timeline. One of the best parts about applying to the Chicago Booth Scholars program is you decide when the time is right for you to earn your MBA. Did you just get an unexpected promotion? Are you looking to explore other work experiences and roles? You have up to four years after graduating to come back to Booth and enroll in our Full-Time, Evening, or Weekend MBA program. It’s completely up to you to select the program that best complements your goals.
  3. Gain access to an incredible professional network – now. After being accepted into Chicago Booth’s deferred MBA program, you don’t have to wait until you start class to begin connecting with other Booth students and alumni – over 54,000 and counting. As soon as you are admitted into the Booth Scholars Program, you have access to regular networking events throughout each year to meet other Booth Scholars, as well as current students and alumni.
  4. Professional development opportunities to help navigate your first job out of college. On top of being able to network with other students right away, you don’t have to wait until your first class at Booth to continue your professional development. Deferred Booth Scholars receive quarterly professional development opportunities, both virtual and in-person. Our Booth Scholars shape and influence what professional development sessions are offered, from learning how to navigate difficult work relationships to learning more about the different Booth curriculum options. You have the ability to let us know what you’d like help with as you grow in your professional roles.
  5. Freedom to chart your own career path. People pursue an MBA for a myriad of reasons, and whether you already have visualized what your next five years look like or if you are still exploring your options, an MBA at Booth will be able to accelerate your impact. Some of our students come to Booth looking to expand their skillsets and remain in the same industry, but others find that they want to use their MBA experience as an opportunity to pivot into a new role, industry, or career altogether. In other words, your path doesn’t have to be set in stone when you apply. 

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the benefits of applying early to secure your seat in a class of future industry leaders. Sign up to receive the latest information about the program, including informational events and application advice.