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Our Chicago Booth Scholars Program serves as our deferred MBA path for young professionals. Chicago Booth Scholars apply to our program during their senior year of undergrad, and those accepted can defer enrollment at Chicago Booth for 2 - 5 years. With the security to begin your MBA at your own pace, Chicago Booth Scholars have the freedom to explore their career interests and shape their post-MBA goals before officially enrolling at Booth. Read on as Chicago Booth Scholar, Tosan Agbeyegbe, shines light on his community involvement at Chicago Booth, what his experience was like applying to our deferred MBA program, and more.

Tell us about yourself and take us along your journey to Chicago Booth.

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, as the fourth of four boys, and my family moved to Brampton, Ontario, Canada when I was nine years old. When I was 12 years old, I started playing football which led me down the path of attending various camps in the U.S. in Virginia, California, and New York, amongst others. After a difficult but rewarding recruiting process, I was offered the chance to play football at Yale University, a dream of mine and my parents of combining great academics with great athletics. At Yale, I double majored in Economics and Psychology while playing Division 1 football.

I interned in Chicago during the summer of 2019 and fell in love with the city. I can truly say experiencing summertime Chicago made me excited about the prospect of returning to Chicago for my MBA. I used Chicago Booth’s connect with a student resource, as well as other online resources, to learn more about Booth before applying. The information gathered was helpful in writing my essays and completing the necessary interview and video process. I gathered an understanding of whether I would actually fit in with the Booth culture. I will never forget the day that I received my admission letter in July 2020, as I had been waiting around all day to hear about my decision, and I was beyond thrilled.  

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What attracted you to the Chicago Booth Scholars Program?

Prior to my senior year in college, I heard from a mentor about deferred MBA programs for the first time and decided that they were a low risk, high reward opportunity to gain admission into a top program before even graduating undergrad. Additionally, I was drawn to the idea of gaining admission to Chicago Booth before starting work full-time, as I understood the challenges that would present if I was working and then had to study for the test afterwards.

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What did you find advantageous about applying to the Chicago Booth Scholars Program?

I am big on planning and goal setting, so applying to the program was very advantageous as it allowed me to anchor my future. I created a five-year plan that ends with me graduating business school. Furthermore, in my deferment, I was able to travel, get married, and earn a promotion at work. I always knew I wanted to pursue higher education as both my parents did and instilled in me the importance. The Chicago Booth Scholars Program provided a way to reach that goal with minimal obstacles, all while meeting the same requirements.

What type of work did you do during your deferral period?

During my deferral period, I worked at Deloitte Consulting, which is where I interned during undergrad. I enjoyed traveling and wanted to explore several industries before selecting one I believed I could make a great career out of, which is why I liked consulting and business school as well.

What’s been your favorite Booth class thus far and why?

My favorite class so far has been Lab in New Products and Services. Chicago Booth lab courses are a great way to gain real-world exposure to the business world but through a class setting. This course relates to why I came to Booth: to gain experience in areas that I would not have otherwise. Essentially, this is a course where Booth students partner with an outside company for 10 weeks to research and provide solutions in an area the company deems needs improvement or is ripe for innovation. My experience in the class has been fulfilling so far, as I have learned valuable lessons from my teammates and our client that can be applied outside of the classroom.

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In what ways are you involved at Chicago Booth? How has your involvement contributed to the connections you’ve made throughout your MBA journey?

I am the Cohort representative for Stuart, which places me on the Graduate Business Council (GBC), a member of the African American MBA Association, Booth Technology Group, Booth Africa, and Canadian Business Group. I have made and deepened several individual connections through these clubs by attending social events, doing interview prep, and creating lasting memories with friends I hope to take beyond business school. I also went on a random walk to Slovenia, a group with which I chat with on a regular basis that helped make my transition into school a lot smoother.

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Fun Facts about Tosan:

  • Tosan enjoys playing board and video games.
  • Tosan considers himself a foodie. He loves cooking, trying new recipes, and is always looking for new restaurants to visit.
  • Tosan loves to travel – he has been to 10 countries and he hopes to get to 12 before the end of the year. He’s lived in three countries as well (Nigeria, Canada, and the US).


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