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The Kilts Center transforms the study and practice of marketing at Booth. We do this by facilitating academic research and providing programs that support students and alumni with careers in marketing-related fields such as tech product management, product marketing management, brand management, and general management.

The center’s activities and efforts build on the foundation of Chicago Booth’s multidisciplinary approach to education—The Chicago Approach. Our work at the Kilts Center reflects this philosophy, building on the core disciplines of economics, psychology, and statistics.

As a result, Booth’s faculty embrace an analytical and integrative approach to marketing, leading the way in the field by producing pioneering research. MBA students at Booth learn the analytical tools and enduring marketing frameworks that equip them to be leaders in any industry—including technology, consumer packaged goods, consulting, and more.

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At the Kilts Center, we recognize and embrace marketing as a set of skills critical to the success of all business leaders. Learn more about who we are and how we do this.

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