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Research Talks

Visiting Faculty Fellow Research TalksThese events showcase the cutting-edge research of the Kilts Center’s visiting faculty fellows. In line with our integrative, multidisciplinary approach to marketing, we invite fellows from a wide range of fields, including behavioral science, economics, and cognitive psychology. The Kilts Center has hosted more than a dozen visiting faculty fellows and past talks have covered the evolution of consumer expertise, the emergence and impact of e-commerce, and the intersection of quantitative marketing and empirical industrial organization.

Visiting Faculty Fellow Research Talks offer faculty and PhD students a first look at what top researchers are working on, new insights they can apply to their own work, and a chance to pose their marketing and research questions to experts in the field. The event is also an excellent opportunity to network with fellow researchers for future collaborative projects.

Upcoming Events

Rafael Greminger

Rafael Greminger

Assistant Professor of Marketing, The UCL School of Management

Greminger's main research interest is in the area of consumer search. Here he develops and estimates structural models to better understand information frictions in online markets. With his current projects, he focuses on different aspects of product rankings and how they can be leveraged to help consumers find better matches and increase online stores' revenues.

Brown Bag Discussion for PhD students


Heterogeneous Position Effects and the Power of Rankings
Most online retailers, search intermediaries, and platforms present products on product lists. By changing the ordering of products on these lists (the “ranking”), these online outlets can aim to improve consumer welfare or increase revenues. This paper studies to what degree these objectives differ from each other. First, I show that rankings can increase both revenues and consumer welfare by increasing the overall purchase probability through heterogeneous position effects. Second, I provide empirical evidence for this heterogeneity and quantify revenue and consumer welfare effects across different rankings. For the latter, I develop an estimation procedure for the search and discovery model of Greminger (2022) that yields a smooth likelihood function by construction. Comparing different counterfactual rankings shows that rankings targeting revenues often also increase consumer welfare. Moreover, these revenue-based rankings reduce consumer welfare only to a limited extent relative to a consumer-welfare-maximizing ranking.


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Kilts Visiting Faculty Fellows

Each academic year, the Kilts Center hosts up to three visiting faculty fellows whose research expertise complements the research environment at Booth. Fellows are chosen by senior marketing faculty based on their ability to foster enriching dialogue among faculty and advance The Chicago Booth Approach to marketing.

Recent Fellows

  • Rima Touré-Tillery is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame, and has prior professional experience in the commercial lending industry in both finance and marketing functions.
  • Andrey Fradkin, Assistant Professor of Marketing. Fradkin is an economist who studies digitization and search and matching markets. He's written papers on topics such as the design of Airbnb’s search and matching algorithm, reputation systems, online job search, and 401(k) contribution choices by workers.
  • Paul Ellickson, Michael and Diane Jones Professor of Marketing and Economics, University of Rochester Simon School of Business. His research focuses on quantitative marketing and empirical industrial organization.
  • Jeremy Fox, Associate Professor of Economics at Rice University, specializes in empirical industrial organization. His other fields of research include econometrics and labor economics.
  • Ben Newell, Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Deputy Head of the School of Psychology at the University of New South Wales
  • Neil Stewart, Professor of Behavioral Science at the University of Warwick, researches the field of behavioral and economic science. His research focuses on the cognitive processes underlying judgment, choice and decision making and the application of this knowledge to environmental, medical, financial and forensic contexts.
  • Jennifer Trueblood, Assistant Professor of Psychology at Vanderbilt University, takes a joint experimental and computational modeling approach to the study of human judgment, decision-making, reasoning, and memory.
  • Anna Tuchman, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Her research interests include the study of advertising and its underlying mechanisms, as well as questions that lie at the intersection of public policy and marketing.
  • Yufeng Huang, Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Rochester, conducts research that focuses on the intersection of quantitative marketing and empirical industrial organization.

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