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QME Rossi Seminars

Picture of Peter E. Rossi, PhD '84 The Quantitative Marketing and Economics Rossi Seminars co-sponsored by Chicago Booth’s Kilts Center for Marketing are a series of curated faculty seminars from various host schools.  It welcomes scholars throughout the world to join the seminar community at the host school.  Most attendees will be viewers with the possibility of asking a question at the end of the talk, but the host school will also select a small number of external attendees to actively participate throughout the talk via video-conferencing.  This creates some of the scholarly dynamics of a camp where the audience is augmented to include a community beyond that of just the host school.

This seminar series is named in honor of Peter E. Rossi, PhD '84 who founded the Quantitative Marketing and Economics journal in 2003.  Dr. Rossi has contributed to the field of marketing in many dimensions, but most importantly to the QME community, he fostered a culture of candid yet constructive feedback with the intention of improving research, especially that by young scholars.  The audience feedback during a QME Rossi seminar continues this constructive tradition, not only through direct input to the presenting scholar but as an example of how our research community can focus on the potential contributions and provide advice to help scholars push the frontiers of our field forward.

The QME co-editor board will invite a wide range of schools to host a Rossi seminar so as to exhibit the diversity of the field. If interested,  please submit names of the local quantitative marketing scholars expected to attend and a shortlist of potential speakers here.

There is not a fixed schedule for the series but the expectation is that there will be five or six per year each communicated through the QME mailing list and this website.

Upcoming Seminars

UCLA Anderson School of Management

Date: 06/02/23

Time: 10:30 AM PST 

Speaker: Yufeng Huang, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Simon Business School of the University of Rochester

Registration coming soon. 

Past Seminars

NYU Stern School of Business

 Anja Lambrecht, Professor of Marketing, London Business School

Topic: The Impact of Algorithmic Components on Contributions in Charitable Crowdfunding

Abstract: Crowdfunding platforms hosting thousands of projects typically use ranking algorithms which, based on a set of project-specific variables, determine the rank order of projects in order to facilitate contributors’ choices and allow the platform to achieve specific goals. Here, we examine the role of individual components entering a ranking algorithm. We ask how such components affect project completion. We then explore whether algorithms can help direct funding towards underprivileged groups. Last, we examine the trade-offs a crowdfunding charity faces between directing funding towards underprivileged groups and collecting a large amount of funds overall.

Our study is based on data and the ranking algorithm of the educational crowdfunding platform DonorsChoose. We develop a structural model of donors’ contributions using a multiple discrete continuous choice framework and report estimation results and counterfactual outcomes if the charity reweighted algorithmic components. We find that the amount remaining for a project, as well as other variables related to a project’s progress, strongly affect whether a project will be fully funded. At the same time, our results indicate that prioritizing in the algorithm projects from high poverty schools increases contributions to such schools significantly. Encouragingly, our findings further suggest that, at least in our empirical context, using the algorithm to direct funding towards high poverty schools does not compromise the platform’s overall goal to collect a large amount of funding overall.

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management

Speaker: Jeremy Yang, Assistant Professor of Business Administration in the Marketing Unit, Harvard Business School

Topic: First Law of Motion: Influencer Video Advertising on TikTok

View the paper

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Speaker: Jesse M. Shapiro, Eastman Professor of Political Economy, Brown University

Topic: Advertising Prices in Equilibrium: Theory and Evidence.

View the paper

University College London & Imperial College London

Speaker: Eva Ascarza, Jakurski Family Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Topic: BEAT Unintended Bias in Personalized Policies

View the paper

Duke University and University of North Carolina Marketing and Economics Departments

Speaker: Caio Waisman, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Topic: Online Causal Inference for Advertising in Real-Time Bidding Auctions

View the paper

Watch the recording

Washington University in St. Louis

Speaker: Khaled Boughanmi, Assistant Professor of Marketing, SC Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

Learn more about the speaker here.

Topic: A Multi-Attribute Choice Model with Similarity, Compromise and Attraction Effects

View the paper

S.C. Johnson College of Business | Cornell University

Speaker: Xiang Hui, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

Topic: Mitigating The Cold-start Problem In Reputation System: Evidence from A Field Experiment

View the paper

University of Rochester

Speaker: Anna Tuchman, Associate Professor of Marketing, Kellogg School of Business

Topic: The Pink Tax: Whether and Why Women Pay More in CPG

View the presentation slides

University of Washington

SpeakerAdith Swaminathan, Microsoft Research AI

TopicProvably Good Batch Reinforcement Learning Without Great Exploration

Watch the recording

View the presentation slides

Santa Clara University

Speaker: Sridhar Narayanan, Associate Professor of Marketing, Stanford University

Discussant: Pradeep Chintagunta, Joseph T. and Bernice S. Lewis Distinguished Service Professor of Marketing, Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago

Topic: Modernizing Retailers in Emerging Markets: Investigating Externally-focused and Internally-focused Approaches

Stanford GSB

Speaker: Elisabeth Honka, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Anderson School of Management, UCLA

View the paper


If you are interested in hosting, please review the host responsibilities and submit your proposal to host a QME Rossi Seminar.


  • Work with QME board to set the seminar date and time
  • Submit event specifics to the Kilts Center to post on seminar webpage
  • Create the virtual seminar and registration process
  • Promote the seminar to the QME email list
  • Collect seminar registrations
  • Record the seminar (optional)
  • Post-event: send recording link or presentation slides to the QME email list

Submit Proposal

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