Coronavirus Updates

Most attendees will be viewers with the possibility of asking a question at the end of the talk, but the host school will also select a small number of external attendees to actively participate throughout the talk via video-conferencing. This creates some of the scholarly dynamics of a camp where the audience is augmented to include a community beyond that of just the host school.

This virtual seminar series is named in honor of Peter E. Rossi, PhD '84, who founded the Quantitative Marketing and Economics journal in 2003. Dr. Rossi has contributed to the field of marketing in many dimensions, but most importantly to the QME community, he fostered a culture of candid yet constructive feedback with the intention of improving research, especially that by young scholars. The audience feedback during a QME Rossi seminar continues this constructive tradition, not only through direct input to the presenting scholar but as an example of how our research community can focus on the potential contributions and provide advice to help scholars push the frontiers of our field forward.

The Kilts Center will share upcoming seminar details via the QME mailing list and this website.

Host a Seminar

Schools interested in hosting a seminar should review the following list of host-school responsibilities and submit a proposal.

  • Work with QME board to set the seminar date and time
  • Submit event specifics to the Kilts Center to post on seminar webpage
  • Create the virtual seminar and registration process
  • Promote the seminar to the QME email list
  • Collect seminar registrations
  • Record the seminar (optional)
  • Post-event: send recording link or presentation slides to the QME email list