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Giving to KiltsAt the James M. Kilts Center for Marketing, we believe that marketing is a skill set that is critical to effective business leadership in all industries—from technology to consulting, entrepreneurship to finance.

The mission of the Kilts Center for Marketing is to elevate the status of marketing at Booth among students, alumni, faculty, and the global business community. But we can’t fulfill our mission without you. With your support, we are able to support Booth’s marketing community. Together, we can continue to transform the science and practice of marketing.


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Thankful for Our Donors

Our donors are passionate about The Chicago Approach to marketing. We are grateful for their support during 2021-2022.

Platinum Level:

Galt & Company
Heather Mason and Perry Lentine Fund, MBA ’86
Johnson III, M. Carl, MBA ’72
Karen Katen Foundation, AB ’70, MBA ’74
Sugerman Family Fund DAF, MBA ’97
Van Houten Family Charitable Fund, MBA ’96
Walters, Christopher William, MBA ’01

Gold Level:

Kahn, Maxwell and Weinswig, Deborah Lora, MBA ’97
Kinsella, Colin Augustine, MBA ’89
Peigh, Terry Don, MBA ’76
Spontella, Elizabeth and Saverio A., MBA ’07

Silver Level:

Abner, Brett Thomas, MBA ’12
Knight, Justen Alan, MBA ’13
Middlebrooks, Arthur Gordon, MBA ’88
Oates, Elizabeth and Ochoa, Paul, MBA ’13
Strick, Eli Peter and Rachel, MBA ’10
Weldon, James R., MBA ’73

Bronze Level:

Aquino, Mario, MBA ’99
Birch, Luke Wesley
Bourgon, Kenneth Allan
Brown, Amani Erin, MBA ’10
Cebotari, Alexandru
Chen, Daphne
Cheng, Christina Chi-Hue, MBA ’13
Chen, Sho Lin
Claussen Bell, Katherine S.
Conan, Matthew, MBA ’21
Cuevas de la Fuente, Maria Alejandra
Doyle, Andrew, MBA ’13
Dunford, Mark James
Fung, Christina Mon Sue, MBA ’08
German, Igor, MBA ’17
Grespan, Leandro Flora, MBA ’22
Hsu, Lydia Jocelyn, MBA ’88
Huff, Lisa Maria, MBA ’03
Hussain, Farhana
Hussey, Kelsey Salmen and Thomas, MBA ’13
Ipema, Karen
Kaushal, Sanchit
Li, Andrea Yang, AB ’20
Logas Jr., William George, MBA ’12
Manfredi, Kendre, MBA ’14
Mansukhani, Anil Hiro, MBA ’05
Martin, Allison Rose
McKeon, Scott T
Meng, Fandi, AB ’17, MBA ’22
Migliati Levy, Natasha
Moskalyk, Khrystyna
Mulcahey, Brian David, MBA ’91
Ng, Yong Jie Gary, MBA ’15
Niermann, Adam T.
Patel, Nikesh H
Pilone, Peter
Poggi, Camila
Puranik, Shreyas Shriram
Rabinowitz, Joel, MB ’19
Sahadevan, Robert Babu, MBA ’95
Schiff, Amanda Elizabeth, MBA ’21
Schoenfield, Jeffrey, MBA ’13
Shiffer, John Lawrence, MBA ’84
Stella, Donna Lynn, MBA ’94
Stephenson MBA, John Edward, MBA ’22
Strick, Eli Peter and Rachel, MBA ’10
Subramanya, Dushyanth
Trampota, Christina Marie, MBA ’07
Tripathi, Rohit, MBA ’05
Wain, Nicole Christine, MBA ’18
Wang, Nick Zi
Wu, Helen, MBA ’22
Xing, Yuetong
Zhao, Runmin, MBA ’20

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