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As the hub for social impact, we bridge the gap between Booth students and alumni looking for hands-on learning in the social sector and nonprofits seeking pro bono expertise to solve strategic problems and guide decision-making.

Through these social impact consulting opportunities, the center helps mission-driven organizations fulfill their potential.

Consulting Opportunities for Nonprofits

Connect with Booth faculty, students, or alumni to get access to thought leadership in the social sector. The programs outlined below include consulting as a component.

Booth Social Impact Lab Courses
In Booth lab courses, MBA students work with nonprofits and other organizations to address specific social or environmental problems. Guided by faculty experts, students develop solutions and present their insights. We facilitate two lab courses focused on social impact:

Social Impact Lab
Scaling Social Innovation Search Lab

Net Impact Board Fellows

This program matches Chicago Booth students with nonprofit organizations to serve as nonvoting members on their boards of directors. Board Fellows also perform a strategic consulting project of the nonprofit’s choosing.

Learn More about Net Impact Board Fellows

Booth Social Impact (BSI) Student Group

This student group connects Chicago nonprofits with teams of Booth students for pro bono consulting services. Each student team is paired with a professional consultant who provides guidance and industry best practices. Together, these emerging leaders help participating organizations tackle strategic issues, identify growth strategies, and overcome business challenges.

Learn More about BSI

Booth Alumni Nonprofit Consultants (BANC)

BANC supports Chicago-based nonprofits with pro bono strategy, planning, and advisory services delivered by Booth alumni with diverse experience across industries and functions. By tapping into Booth alumni skills and expertise, nonprofits see a measurable impact in their ability to advance their objectives.

Learn More about BANC

“When you’re on the inside, it’s hard to see your organization’s challenges clearly—or the solutions. Our [student] team from the lab course helped us find the confidence to make bold decisions that balanced building quality programs with long-term scale and growth.”

—Kristina Lowenstein, Honeycomb cofounder and executive director

Get Involved

We invite you to partner with us as a sponsor or client in one of our social impact lab courses. Please note there are a limited number of opportunities each year. For more information, visit Social Impact Courses and then contact Wai-Sinn Chan if you have further questions.

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