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The Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation supports Booth and UChicago students who are participating in national competitions focused on social impact.

Here’s a sampling of some of those competitions. For more information, check out our gallery of social impact competitions and express interest in joining a team.

Net Impact Case Competition
In the 2020s and beyond, it is not enough for businesses to solely focus on profits. Business plans must prioritize environmental and social factors as well. The Net Impact Case Competition provides students the chance to display their ability to solve problems using a multidisciplinary approach to sustainability-focused professionals and companies.

Smeal MBA Sustainability Case Competitions
Since 2016, the national Smeal MBA Sustainability Case Competition has engaged hundreds of MBA and graduate students in business, challenging them to engage with today’s greatest opportunities for environmental and social innovation through business.

NAPE/TCU Energy Innovation Case Competition
Hosted by the TCU Neely School of Business, the Energy Innovation Case Competition engages undergraduate and graduate students from the top business schools in the nation. The competition provides students an opportunity to apply analytic skills and energy expertise to a current business challenge.

John R. Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition
The John R. Lewis Racial Justice Case Competition is a student-run case competition focused on racial justice. It provides students the opportunity to understand the history of systemic racism in the US and imagine bold, innovative, and actionable recommendations for companies addressing issues of racial inequality. 


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